The Recording Console is the heart of every major recording studio. Adding a recording console to your studio setup can take you from the minors to the big leagues. Consoles such as Solid State Logic (SSL) E Series, J Series, or G Series, API Vision Consoles, and the Neve 88r has been used on thousands of hit records, and are still being used in major studios all over the world. The ability to have the entire mix laid out in front of you, rather than being a bunch of faders on a computer screen, really allows the mix engineer to “feel” the music, and usually results in a much more exciting mix.

A recording console offers everything you need to make a hit record, all in one place. Vintage King offers a variety of desks to suit your needs, from small eight channel desks to upgrade your project studio, up to over a hundred channels for film score mixing or large pop music productions. Typically, each channel is equipped with it’s own preamp, EQ, and large fader sends to the tape machine, or your favorite DAW. Sometimes large format console will also include the ability to Bus, or send a copy of your signal to other places on the desk, either for a different EQ from verse to chorus, or to use as a parallel compression channel. Other desks like SSL or API also have compression and gates built right into every channel strip.

Auxiliary sends on the desk allow you to send a copy of the channel to outboard effects processors such as reverbs, delays, and pitch shifting devices. The send knob allows you to send as little or as much as you need to achieve the desired effect. There is also a channel insert point that will allow to directly patch in external dynamic processing, such as an 1176 compressor or LA-2A, you can A/B the unprocessed and processed sound by the push of a button of the channel strip.

Most large format console also come equipped with their signature bus compressor. The bus compressor, such as the SSL G Series, or Neve 2254, have been a mix engineers secret weapon for decades, and they often refer to them as the “glue” that holds the mix together. Depending on what genre of music you are primarily working on, Vintage King offers a desk to fit your needs.

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