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Get the most out of your digital recording rig with the addition of a MIDI controller. Nowadays, every DAW comes with a variety of instruments and drum sounds that can add real depth to your productions. MIDI controllers do not generate sound on their own, but adding a MIDI controller can open the doors to control every function of a software synth or drum machine, at put it at the tip of your finger rather than messing around inside of the software. Vintage King offers a variety of Piano-Style MIDI controllers to fit your specific needs, such as the small Arturia MiniLab MKII, up to the Novation Impulse 61, or Roli Seaboard. For Pad-Style MIDI controllers which are more suited for drum sequencing, look into options like the Korg Nanokey, Ableton Push 2, Novation Launchpad, or Novation Launchkey. You can also use the pads to control keyboard sounds as well.