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  1. Softube Console 1 MKII

    Updated version of Console 1 featuring same build quality as the original units - includes Solid State Logic SL 4000 E console
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Ever feel like something is missing when working on a digital recording rig? Adding a control surface to your recording setup can turn your DAW into a powerful, hands on mixing console. For years, engineers have been mixing on large format consoles, and that interaction between the engineer and the desk really gives “life” to a mix. Having the ability to put your hands on faders and pan pots can really help “feel” the music, and add a whole new level of the production of your mix.

When doing automation, it’s ideal to be able to move quickly and respond to certain aspects of the mix. When working on a laptop or desktop computer, you are limited to automating one thing at a time with a mouse, on a control surface, you can grab the entire group of faders, such as drums or backing vocals, making it easier to blend the entire section in one pass.

Control Surfaces come in all shapes in sizes, Vintage King offers everything from one channel setups like the Presonus Faderport that are great for VCA group automation and transport functions, up to 100+ channels like the Avid S6 to suit the most powerful digital mixing rigs.