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500 Series Preamps

500 Series Preamps

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Add analog warmth to your digital recording rig with 500 series preamps. Available in all preamps styles, from classic solid state designs such as the API 512c, Neve 1073lb, or Focusrite Red 1, to vintage tube designs such as the Radial Engineering Powertube 500, Crane Song Syren, or LaChapell Audio 583s MK2. Most 500 series preamps offer 48 V phantom power, impedance-matched ribbon mic inputs, as well as front panel hi-Z instruments inputs. Some preamps include high and lowpass filters, dynamic processing, EQ, or all of the above like a classic channel strip. 500 series preamps are designed to easily achieve the same results with every recording, and most preamps come with switched gain controls. For easy integration to your DAW, most 500 series modules are equipped with output level control, removing the need for third party attenuators.