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500 Series Dynamics

500 Series Dynamics

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Adding 500 Series dynamic processing to your rig can really help smooth out vocal production, add attitude to your drums, or make guitars sit just right in a mix. With so many options available, Vintage King can help fit the needs for your music production. Many of the modules available are modeled after their larger counterparts, but modded to add improved functionality such as stereo linking and sidechain compatibility. Even in their small construction, 500 series modules are built to spec of the original models, and also include a detailed VU meter for precise compression.

500 series compressors do much more than just limit signal, most models have a “sound” just running signal through them without any compression happening. Vintage King carries everything from subtle smoothing compressors, to extreme brickwall limiting, and everything in between. If you are looking for a transparent sounding compressor, look into something with program-dependent attack and release times. For taming those extreme peaks of a mix, look into something with higher compression ratios. For the ultimate control, look into something with adjustable attack, threshold, and decay settings. Whatever your studio needs, Vintage King has what you’re looking for.

Smooth out a vocal with the Retro Instruments Double Wide, add attitude to your drums with the legendary Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph, make guitars pop with the classic API 527, add life to pianos with the Neve 2265ALB, or tame your entire mix with something like the SSL Bus Compressor.