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Prism Sound Atlas USB 2.0 Audio Interface

Ultra-high fidelity 192 kHz 8-channel USB interface

MFR# Atlas

Product Description

The Prism Sound Atlas is a world-class multi-track interface offering flexible expansion and unsurpassable sonic clarity. Using the latest generation of Prism Sounds trusted conversion, Atlas provides more preamps than Titan making it suitable for a wider range of recording scenarios.

The Atlas is a USB multi-channel interface aimed at multi-tracking applications featuring a similar feature set to Titan (including the MDIO expansion slot for optional Pro Tools HDX, AES and potentially other digital cards), Atlas will be perfect in the project and multi-track studio for recording as well as for mixing, stereo and stem mastering. The Lyra, Titan and Atlas models feature a 20 dB pad on each mic channel to accommodate high sound pressure level (SPL) applications such as drums or close-miked guitars or brass.

Prism's low-noise, low-distortion, extremely neutral mic preamp design has gained a cult popularity amongst existing Prism Sound users and we are pleased to be able to offer a single box 8-channel solution for producers, artists and engineers demanding high-quality front-end with the added benefits of Prism Sound A/D and D/A conversion.


Prism Sounds history in developing test and measurement equipment for the audio industry has allowed our engineers to get a much deeper understanding of digital clocking and its associated issues.


Atlas has a powerful built-in digital mixer that can be configured to provide a multitude of ultra-low latency feeds, Including foldback to performers, stereo and surround outputs.


The Atlas boasts 8 ultra-clean, low-noise microphone preamps that perfectly complement its transparent A/D conversion (with software-controllable phantom power, -20 dB pad and Overkiller limiter switches on each channel.)


With a standard USB connection, Atlas can connect to the widest range of computers today and for the foreseeable future. Add to this the option of ProTools HDX and Dante modules for the most flexible and professional solution.


Atlas & Titan support Prism Sound’s MDIO expansion cards, which provide alternative “host” connections. The “host” is usually a computer and the Atlas or Titan interface provides a means of connection between the host and the external analog and digital audio I/O ports.

The MDIO expansion slot provides an alternative host connection. It does not necessarily disable the USB port, but in the case of the Pro Tools interface MDIO-PTHDX, the USB port is switched off when the Pro Tools interface is to be used.


Atlas’ front panel gives a continuous visual indication of the unit’s main settings and levels, but in-depth control is managed from the Atlas Controller applet. This runs on the DAW computer, and can be popped up whenever adjustments are needed. The upper area of the applet shows a panel of ‘Global’ settings for the entire group of connected interfaces, and a panel of ‘Unit’ settings which is assignable to each connected unit in turn, using the enclosed drop-list. These settings are concerned with general parameters such as sync source and sample rate selection, metering and buffering modes. An ‘Identify’ button causes all the LEDs on the selected box to light, to assist with identification in multi-unit systems. To the right, there are large buttons for loading and saving setups, and for on-line help.


  • 8x analog I/O (switchable mic/line/instrument modes)
  • 8x high-grade mic pres
  • 2x high impedance, instrument inputs
  • MDIO slot for optional digital interfaces (initially Pro Tools HDX and AES)
  • Optical I/O (with ADAT, ADAT S/MUX or TOSLINK functionality)
  • Stereo digital I/O (S/PDIF or AES)
  • MIDI I/O
  • Wordclock I/O
  • 2x Headphone outputs (sharing a single stereo bus)
  • Ethernet port (for future potential AVB and networking integration)
  • USB 2.0 host
  • 192 kHz, 24-bit
  • Latest award-winning Prism Sound CleverClox clocking technology
  • Mac OS X and Windows compatible

Product Specifications

Condition New
Width 19 in
Depth 11.5 in
Height 1.75 in
Unit Weight 11 lb
Chassis 19-inch Rack-mount
Rack Spaces 1U
Channels 8-Channel
Digital Inputs 10
Analog Inputs 8
Input Connectors BNC, Optical, RCA, 1/4-inch TRS, Analog XLR
Digital Outputs 10
Analog Outputs 8
Output Connectors BNC, Optical, RCA, 1/4-inch TRS
Computer Connection USB
Number of Preamps 8
MIDI Connections In, Out
Clock I/O In, Out
Maximum Sampling Rate 192 kHz
Digital Format ADAT, AES/EBU, S/PDIF

Product Reviews

5 out of 5 stars.
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Like nothing else! The Atlas is flawless in design and ease of use, the closest to plug and play i’ve come across in a convertor. And the nearest convertor, if in the same ball park is in the nose bleed sections. Having a correct room and great speakers, the addition of this box will make you have to work hard to get a bad sound, allowing you to get phenomenal sound with far less effort because you can hear the tweaks your making. There is a reason that when converting analogue recordings to digital, these are the convertors used 99% of the time. Yeah they’re that good. Having used everything from duets to fireboxes, 192’s, quartets, hi-lo’s, symphony 1 & 2’s, aurora’s, apollos, mboxes, etc.. burl and the symphony 2 And aurora 2 somewhat close, The rest are inferior convertors and still need audio clocks to even get somewhat near the quality. The burl b2 is “closest” in conversion quality but you still need mic pre’s di’s etc and is not a stand alone. This unit is completely self capable of driving a professional or even Mastering studio session. I dont use the word mastering lightly. Even the littler Lyra’s can be found in many mastering rooms from LA to Nashville and London and around the world. The greatest ability is to be able to work with other sample rates in real time in between systems and have it convert the audio flawlessly into the current working SR with no hiccups. This guy has 8 of some of the best mic pres i’ve ever heard. (and yes you can add that vintage color later if you want.) Each with the overkiller clip prevention, the first 4 pres have mid side recording button built in the first 2 channels can record vinyl with the correct EQ built in. 2 di’s, main volume /mute, 2 headphone outs with individual volumes, and great metering. In addition I have had no issues with latency when recording 48-96kHz (the ones I primarily have used) even over USB.. the home interface I personally used prior to this was a quartet, just.. no... finally the Prism makes everything “sound like a record” even if its bad it will still sound like a record, just not a great one. You will not be at all disappointed.. even if you live on rice and beans for a year, you will still be thankful that you made the decision to buy a Prism. (While I am not a financial planner I will state, please do not buy this if its between a convertor and proper nutrition) but if you did you wouldn't regret it, as hot sauce goes a long way! Tell your wife this will make your more money, and increase the time you spend together, because it very well can. Just buy the thing, reduce your turn around time per project, reduce your revisions, your ear fatigue, and increase your pleasure. You’ll have it paid off in no time, if not put it on a resale site i’m always looking to pick up another at a good price 😉

By Jhalsey on October 21, 2020

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