Noise Engineering - Zularic Repetitor

Rhythmic gate generator based on African music theory
Noise Engineering - Zularic Repetitor
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The Noise Engineering Zularic Repetitor is a rhythmic gate generator based on African music theory. A core pattern forms the basis and variation is achieved by offsetting this pattern in time relative to the base.

This module contains 30 mother rhythms from African, Indian, Latin, Funk and Rock roots. Each pattern outputs four parts and allows the offset of three parts relative to the mother. The offset is CV and knob controllable. It requires only a beat clock to run.

Also included are two special modes. One turns Zularic Repetitor into a 3 section CV/knob controllable divider. The other generates random gates where the probability is determined by the knob/CV.

The simplest way to get to know Numeric Repetitor is to simply patch a master clock into BEAT and connect each of the four outputs to the gate of four different percussion modules, envelopes or other gate triggered modules. You can get an idea of the patterns included by adjusting the PRIME knob and a feel for how the time offset works by playing with the FACTOR knobs.

The next step is to patch a CV. A CV sequencer or just a simple gate are both useful for controlling either the PRIME pattern or the FACTOR offset. These can be used to generate a wide variety of related rhythms and dynamic variations. A simple CV example is to take the beat clock being sent to Numeric Repetitor and divide it by 64. Send this divided beat in to one of the FACTOR inputs. Adjust the related FACTOR knob to control the amount of time offset that occurs to the FACTOR.

Many more complicated schemes are possible to dynamically vary the rhythms. Any slow control voltage or gate might produce an interesting variation!

Design Notes

The Zularic Repetitor was conceived while reading “Rhythm and Transforms” by William Sethares. This book provided the initial rhythms for the very first prototype of Zularic Repetitor. It was developed on a Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller. The first prototype was compelling from the start though it took more than a year of use, feedback and polish to produce what was finally released.


  • MOTHER (knob) - The MOTHER knob selects the pattern set that is output. The MOTHER knob acts as a scalar for the MOTHER CV. e current patch is displayed on the LEDs near the center top. A key to the patterns is included later in the manual.
  • CHILD 1-3 (knob, input CV) - The CHILD knobs control the offset in beats of each part versus the mother rhythm. The knob acts as a scalar for the input CV.
  • WORLD - The WORLD switch selects which bank of patterns to use. They are grouped by world. Old world contains Indian, African and African relatives such as Vodou. New world contains Funk, Rock and other more modern rhythms. The status of the WORLD switch is indicated by the orange LED.
  • BEAT - The BEAT input is a clock input that advances the time on the rising edge and returns any active gates to zero on the falling edge.
  • MEASURE - The MEASURE input resets the beat to the start of the measure on a rising edge.
  • RST - The RST button will pause the advancement of time while depressed and when released reset the time back to the start of the measure.
  • MOTHER (output) - MOTHER outputs a 6 v low impedance gate suitable for controlling most any gate driven device.
  • CHILD 1-3 (output) - CHILD outputs a 6 v low impedance gate suitable for controlling most any gate driven device

Additional Information

Condition New
Maximum Depth 1 in
Chassis Module
Module Type Eurorack
Module Slot Count 8hp
Connector Type 3.5mm
Power Consumption +50 mA/-5 mA
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