Neve 32264a Compressor/Limiter #20294/K (Vintage)

Mono compressor/limiter module
Neve 32264a Compressor/Limiter #20294/K (Vintage) 1
Neve 32264a Compressor/Limiter #20294/K (Vintage) 1 Neve 32264a Compressor/Limiter #20294/K (Vintage) 2 Neve 32264a Compressor/Limiter #20294/K (Vintage) 3
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The class A/B Neve 32264, and it's close cousin the 32264A, is possibly the best compressor/limiter ever made. Legendary. Fast, clear, and punchy.

Compressor has adjustable release, ratio, threshold, and makeup gain. Separate limiter, has very low distortion, with adjustable release and threshold. Linkable for stereo, with a hard bypass. Originally in 8058, 8068, 8078 Neve consoles.

Great for setting lead vocals in the perfect sweet spot in the mix, and on most instruments, and across the mix buss. Limit and compress at the same time!

  • Gain make up: 0 to 20 dBm
  • Separate Limit and Compress switches
  • Bypass
  • De-ess
  • Ratio: more than 100:1
  • Level: adjustable from +4 dBm to +15 dBm in increments of 0.5 dBm
  • Attack time: 100 ms, 1ms
  • Recovery time: 50 ms, 100 ms, 200 ms, 800 ms, Auto 1 & 2
  • Ratio: 1.5:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 6:1.
  • Threshold: -20 to +10 dBm in 2 dB increments
  • Attack time: fixed 5ms
  • Recovery time: 100 ms, 400 ms, 800 ms, 1500 ms, Auto 1 & 2

Additional Information

Condition Used / Vintage
Module Slot Count 1 Slot

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