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Neve 1073LB 500 Series Mic Preamp

100% discrete 500 Series mic preamp based on the 1073, one of the most famous pieces of recording gear ever - still manufactured in Great Britain to the same exacting specs of the original
MFR# 1073LB

Product Description

Dropped on the studio world in 1970, Neve's 1073 Audio Preamplifier immediately made its bones on the recording studio scene. Renowned for its ability to capture, complement and create a uniquely great sound no matter the source, the 1073 has been the go-to recording preamp of leading artists and producers from hit recordings too numerous to mention. If you think of any famous recordings of the past 45 years, chances are more than good that the artists' voices, instruments or illegal activities first saw tape through a Neve 1073.

And now it is available in the 500 series format.

The Neve 1073LB is still manufactured in Great Britain to the exacting specs of Neve's classic 1073 preamp. Featuring painstakingly recreated original spec hand-wound input and output transformers, matched components, as well as specially recreated tantalum coupling caps, the 1073LB bathes your ears in vintage Neve glory. With a build quality the British Admiralty would approve, the 1073LB's massive input level switch contacts are gold-plated to withstand decades of marathon tracking sessions.

As magical as owning a rare piece of vintage kit can appear, the lack of modern conveniences can ultimately detract from the recording experience. That's why the boffins at Neve gave the 1073LB switchable microphone input impedance, signal presence LED and intelligent protected switching on the front combi-XLR input connector so you don't accidentally fry a line-level device with 48v. The new Fine Trim control lets you squeeze the maximum level of sparkling clean signals or crank the gain for some Revolution distortion. The 1073LB Preamp's smart Audio Processing Input design and Lunchbox Insert architecture allows you to create a classic Neve 1073 channel strip when used with a Neve 1073LB Series EQ.

And all this sonic potential installs in an empty slot of your compatible 500 series rack, ready to inject your microphone or line level signals into that legendary universe of Neve sound.


  • Classic transformer microphone preamp amp (Class A design)
  • Audio path is absolutely 100% discrete and the same design as the 1073 Classic module mic/pre circuit
  • Neve designed hand-wound transformers
  • Both Mic and Line inputs are transformer balanced and earth free
  • Gain knob with Signal Presence LED
  • +5/-10 dB level Trim control with integrated phantom power on/off switch
  • Phase, Impedance and Front Input selector switches
  • Front combi-XLR connector with intelligent switching of phantom power
  • Audio Processing Insert design allows processing from adjacent Neve modules in the same 500 series rack to be inserted into the 1073LB's pre-output stage
  • Microphone Input: Gain -80 db to -20 dB in 5 dB steps
  • Line Input: Input impedance 4 kOhms bridging, gain -20 dB to +10 dB in 5 dB steps
  • Output is transformer balanced and earth free
  • Distortion: Not more than 0.07% from 50 Hz to 10 kHz at +20 dBu output (80 kHz bandwidth)
  • Freq Response: ±0.5 dB 20 Hz to 20 kHz, -3 dB at 40 kHz
  • Crafted in England by Neve engineers

Note: The Neve 1073LB will not work with the A-Designs 500HR 2-slot rack or the Empirical Labs EL500 2-slot rack.

Click here to learn more about the history of the Neve 1073 Preamplifier.

Product Specifications

Condition New
Tube or Solid State Solid State
Channels Single-Channel
Chassis Module
Module Type 500 Series
Module Slot Count 1 Slot
Direct Input Yes
Digital I/O No

Product Reviews

5 out of 5 stars.
Review Count (37)

write a review

I bought my 1073 LB a few months ago , and it
quickly became my “go to” pre.
Now that I added the EQ section , it’s incredible!
They have made the two units to link together and make a full 1073 channel. ( Pre/Eq)

By John S on March 14, 2023

Love this thing! I use it to DI bass into Luna and it gives it such warmth and full sound. Also love sending drum samples through it to get a more saturated sound. 10/10!

By Geraint S on March 11, 2023

Night and Day when I switched from the UA Twinfinity. I even went back to old sessions and rerecorded.

By Michael P on January 16, 2023

Great sounding pre. The combo jack on the front is extremely useful.

By Travis T on July 17, 2022

Great on guitars and Amazing on Vocals

By James R on September 19, 2021

There’s a reason this is arguably the most important link in the signal chain of recording history. If you’re uneasy or hesitant on the cost, just remember the wise words my helpful VK sales associate Dan told me. It’s an INVESTMENT. -Not only in a monetary sense, it’s also an investment in your creative process. And if you’re already aware of what this is and you’ve been looking at taking the Neve dip, you’re already ready already. Do it.

By tim s on September 13, 2021

Amazing. Don't let internet fool you - AMS build the only true pro 1073 pre

By Shadrin I on May 31, 2021

Really typical colour, and it's a nice warm one, can pushed like crazy, superb saturation...

By Fab L on April 7, 2021

Needs no words, sounds superb.

By michael c on February 1, 2021

My favorite mic pre.

By Donald F on January 25, 2021

One of the best preamp I’ve own. Deep pronounce lows and highs for vocals. I’ve chain it with my Manley reference c!! 100% recommended! :)

By Carlos C on November 23, 2020

It gave me shivers when I tracked through it first time right out of the box. Everything is great once you get to this level but the 1073LB has that elusive little bit of magic. I find myself using it as a plug in if a track isn’t laying in the mix quite right.

By Liminal S on October 24, 2020

Thank you, Bill.

By BIL - on September 23, 2020

The 1073 is legendary for a reason. I am so happy that I own one.

By Robby S on July 15, 2020

Adding this Pre to my studio has changed everything. I can't say enough about it. I'm using this with a 551 EQ and 535 compressor and that Neve signal chain is ridiculous. So silky and beautiful...just love it.

By David W on July 6, 2020

Amazing pre !!!

By Yoslan B on July 5, 2020

Since I got these, they are becoming my goto pre. Really get that great Neve sound. Vocals, Acoustic and electric guitars...I want more.....

By Greg H on April 15, 2020

Been using this pre now for a month- LOVE IT- warm and present sounds very NEVE for sure!- just the right amount of low, miss and Highs not too bright either but still has presence.

By Arthur A on February 10, 2020

This is a great piece of gear. Very high quality controls, easy to use. It sounds great recording guitar and vocals with a high quality mic. It sounds amazing with a P-bass plugged directly into the front. No compressor needed and it produces clean, even levels as well with the bass. I'm very glad I got it.

By Larry A on January 7, 2020

I see you have the Neve LB and NeveLBEQ is on a preamp and the other just and EQ? Or is one modle have an EQ?

By Miki on December 31, 2019

The Neve 1073 is Amazing I use on vocals and as a hardware insert to mix my 808’s just as a start I Recommend this piece of gear highly

By Brandon B on November 14, 2019

Sounds Great!

By Ezra K on August 27, 2019

What can I say, it's the sound found on a thousand hit records. Very pleased with a pair of these but recommend adding the EQs in insert mode. Closely compares to the vintage versions in this configuration. Love these, highly recommended.

By Phil G on June 26, 2019

It is everything you would expect it to be. All the gain you will ever need, quiet as a whisper, a beautiful bite and ever so smooth, really, we can argue about subjectivity and this or that, but there is a reason why the 1073 is possibly the most copied preamplifier. It is everything.

By Ruben P on June 23, 2019

Best pre ever!!!!

By Diego I on June 20, 2019

A great mic pre so glad I have it in my studio

By Michael D on May 16, 2019

I’ve used Neve pre’s for 30 years. They really are the sound of all my favorite recordings.

By Mark F on May 7, 2019

Sounds right.

By Elio S on April 22, 2019

Troy Manning is the best

By Michael " on March 25, 2019

The father of the 500 series preamps, hands down!

By Brianna A on March 11, 2019

Classic preamp. Always perfect

By norma T on February 7, 2019

Love it.

By Adam W on February 6, 2019


By Aaron M on February 6, 2019


By Dale P on December 11, 2018

I have a bunch of 500 series pres; some manufactured, some DIY and many are in the 'NEVE style.' I own this 1073LB module and can say after closely comparing all of the 'NEVEish' modules, this is the best one. It has the best sound and lowest noise floor. It's pretty amazing how close you can get with the others at a lower cost, but if you just wanted the best sounding one no exceptions, it is this one. The 1073LB is my goto, first choice. I am very happy using it.

By Sean on February 27, 2018

Wow, did a side by side comparison with an LB I just bought with my vintage 73' and it's damn close! really hard to tell the difference.

By Mick on May 11, 2017

I have been wanting one of these forever...and it was worth the wait!

By J. Douglas on May 1, 2017

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