Neve 1053 Mic Pre/3-Band EQ #VK-694 (Vintage)

Mono germanium mic pre/3-band EQ module
Neve 1053 Mic Pre/3-Band EQ #VK-694 (Vintage)
Neve 1053 Mic Pre/3-Band EQ #VK-694 (Vintage) 2 Neve 1053 Mic Pre/3-Band EQ #VK-694 (Vintage) 3
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The Neve 1053 Mic Pre/EQ is a very rare early Neve discrete Mic Pre, one of the few Neve designs employing germanium transistors.

EQ controls are:
  • Fixed 12 kHz high-shelf
  • High pass filter at 4 frequencies (20 - 45 - 160 - 360 Hz)
  • Low EQ at five frequencies (35 - 60 - 100 - 220Hz)
  • Hi-mid EQ at six frequencies (.7 - 1.2 - 2.8 - 3.8 - 7.0 KHz)

Unit will be recapped, with all pots, switches and card connector edges cleaned and any faulty components repaired. per module. Our servicing is regarded as the best in the industry worldwide!

The EQ perf board is original but the amplifier cards have been reproduced by VK. They do use germanium transistors like the original circuit.


Formed in 1961, Rupert Neve & Co. was focused from the beginning on designing and building the highest quality professional audio components. After establishing itself in the marketplace, and moving from Rupert's house to a newly built factory in Melbourn, England, Neve went on to create three of its most iconic products: the 2254 Compressor/Limiter in 1968, the 1073 Mic Pre/EQ in 1970, and the 1081 Mic Pre/EQ in 1973.

Aimed at the broadcast market, these units were found in numerous custom-built Neve consoles of the day. And because so much of their work was customized, there are many variants on the basic 2254 Compressor and 1073 Mic Preamp including different form factors, cosmetics, components and features.

Using Class A discrete, transistor designs, meticulously hand-wired and built to last, Neve became the world standard for excellence in broadcast and recording studio consoles. From the small-format BCM10 and Melbourn mixers, to the large-format 80 Series, these consoles continue to be treasured today, while standalone modules from them can be found in the racks of the best studios all over the world.

To this day, the most important Neve products from the late 60s and early 70s are still manufactured according to the original specs. The reason is obvious - no other gear has that ‘Neve sound’, and there is no substitute for the real thing.

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