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Neumann U67 #15882 (Vintage)

Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone

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Product Description


The U67 had its origins in the late 1950s, when Neumann was looking to create a successor for its flagship microphone, the U47. The famous VF14 tube, which helped make that magical U47 sound, was being withdrawn from production by Telefunken, and this scenario was the catalyst for the creation of an all-new microphone.

Technological advances had made several improvements possible: Mylar was used for the capsule membrane, (instead of the original PVC), being held in tension by a brass ring instead of glue; an internal cutoff filter and external pad switch helped counteract the proximity effect; a new dual-capsule created an accurate figure-of-eight pickup pattern; a smaller EF86 tube allowed for a slimmer body; and most importantly the overall shape of the microphone changed. Gone was the tubular body of the U47; in its place was a shape that has since become iconic: a tapered head grille (to help reduce capsule resonance), and a tapered body shell (made possible by advances in metal lathe technology). The shape was so unique that Neumann patented the design of the mic.

Having three polar positions made the U67 very versatile, and to top it all off, the mic was designed to be opened up without the use of tools - the bell housing unscrewed, releasing the body shell and