Menatone VK Edition Howie Pedal

Vintage King special edition 2-stage overdrive pedal with Dumble inspired tones
Menatone VK Edition Howie Pedal
Menatone VK Edition Howie Pedal Menatone VK Edition Howie Pedal Menatone VK Edition Howie Pedal Menatone VK Edition Howie Pedal video


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Vintage King is proud to offer a new and improved version of the groundbreaking Howie pedal from Menatone. We are long time fans of the original Howie pedal introduced in 1999 and the subsequent iterations that followed it. We talked Brian Mena into creating a souped-up version based on the original design.

The VK Edition Howie pedal starts with an original concept but has a lot more up its sleeve. The Howie was originally based on the elusive work of a master amp designer/builder based in California who was famous his "clean" gain, touch sensitivity, and incredibly expensive prices. Mena borrowed 5 of these amps from different eras and began to discern what he liked and disliked about each one.


VK Edition Upgraded Parts

  • 1/2 watt carbon resistors
  • High voltage rolled polyester and silver mica caps
  • Audio grade elecrolytics
  • Full sized CTS pots
  • Silver plated, teflon coated wire


Plus - a charged pump power supply tripling the voltage internally for more headroom and unsurpassed dynamic range.


One and a half channel amp

Think of the Menatone VK Edition Howie as a one and a half channel amp. The GAIN, TREBLE, MID, BASS, PRESENCE and MASTER are always active. The Overdrive process is engaged by the drive foot-switch. Its controls are LEVEL and RATIO in the drive section. The LEVEL adjusts the amount of signal introduced into the Overdrive Process and determines the character of compression and distortion dynamics. The RATIO sets the overall boost of the Overdrive process.

The Clean section will take you from a beautifully, sparkly clean to an edge of breakup American grit. The Drive section will guide you from a simple lead-boost to unprecedented amounts of compression and sustain.

Dimensions: 4 3/4" x 5 3/4" x 2 1/2"


Additional Information

Condition New
Input Connectors 1/4 in. TS
Output Connectors 1/4 in. TS

Super smooth, harmonically rich Dumble in a box goodness! Freaking love this thing!

By GitGuru on June 23, 2017

I stand by my previous review, but having had this pedal for a while, I'm more well-versed in how to get the most out of it. Here are some helpful guidelines. In normal channel mode, the black "Gain" control sounds good up until around 2 o'clock. At that point, it starts to become overly compressed and fuzzy, as Pete points out via the text that appears (he says "above 5 or 6", I say 2 o'clock). THEN, engage the drive channel, and start with the red "Level" control set low---this control actually affects the gain of the drive channel, whereas "Ratio" functions as the drive volume, working in tandem with the black "Master" control for overall volume. NEXT, increase the Level control as desired, and use either Master or Ratio to control the volume increase (besides volume, each affects the overall tone a little differently). NOW, here's the strange part: with the drive channel engaged, the Gain can then be set higher than 2 o'clock without the fuzziness, unless you max both Gain and Level. Of course, you can engage the drive with Gain set much lower than 2 o'clock and increase Level accordingly. It's a bit of a balancing act, but once you get the hang of it, it's capable of VERY good, amp-like tones. I also have a Mad Professor Simble, and it has it's strengths as well. Whereas the Simble sounds warm in the lows, and smooth in the highs, I think the mids and highs sound more harmonically rich and complex with the Howie, with more "chirp", and more easily attained musical feedback. If you get one, take the time to tweak, and it will reward you!

By Mark on March 5, 2016

This is a well built, good looking (IMHO), and great sounding piece of equipment. I also have a 2007 7-knob version of the Menatone Howie, which is certainly good, but there are valid reasons why the VK version costs more. It uses higher grade components, it's much easier to adjust due to simply having much more space between controls (this isn't a pedal for the space-conscious), and the full sized control pots do contribute to the "amp-in-a-pedal" feel and motif. Perhaps most important of all is the more substantial power supply, which makes a noticeable difference, both with clean headroom and reduced noise when the gain is set to higher levels, or when the boost is engaged. It's easy to hear these differences when comparing back and forth between this and my older Howie (which I'll be selling now---it's still in nearly mint condition). I also have a Mad Professor Simble for Dumble sounds, and really like it as well. It's great for smooth, edge of breakup and lower gain overdrive, and certainly has rich harmonic content and touch sensitivity. However, the Howie's clean channel is great for Fender-like cleans---especially this VK version. Also, the Howie is capable of much higher gain, although the best Dumble tones are found with more moderate settings, and it can produce quite a bit of "chirp" when digging in with a pick---more than the Simble to my ears. The Howie VK's clean channel is a great platform for the output of other overdrive pedals---I love using the Simble and Howie together. The ONLY reason I gave 4 stars for the price is that it is a substantial amount to pay for many guitarists out there, but I do think the quality justifies it, which is why I gave 5 stars for value. There are certainly other Dumble pedals that cost less, but most don't have the features, versatility and build quality of this one. To my ears, it sounds better with the "Master" control around 12 o'clock or higher, even if that means backing off the actual amp volume. A fantastic addition to my gear collection!

By Mark on November 23, 2015

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