Mellotron Sound Card 03

Mellotron Sound Card 03
Expansion card that contains 100 more Chamberlin sounds
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The Mellotron Sound Card contains 100 more Chamberlin sounds, for example the rhythms from the Music Master Chamberlins, more lead sounds from the M series Chamberlins and many sounds from the Chamberlin library that weren't used in any instruments!

Here is the preliminary list of the sounds on the second Digital Mellotron expansion card, Soundcard 03, (Soundcard 01 is the internal card). Soundcard 03 will contain a total of 100 Chamberlin sounds.

Music Master 500 Rhythms/Accompaniments (complete, 18 sounds)

  • Fox Trot 1 168 Marimba
  • Viennese Walz 168 Pizz Violins
  • Walz 84 Celeste
  • Rhumba 126 Accordian
  • Polka 126 Clarinets Fill
  • March 126 Brass 1
  • Dixieland 152 Dixieland Fill 1 (on the beat)
  • Foxtrot 2 152 Saxes on afterbeat
  • Foxtrot 3 152 Dixieland Fill 2
  • Foxtrot 4 232 Brass 2
  • Cha-Cha 116 Flutes Fill
  • Foxtrot 5 116 Violins
  • Foxtrot 6 215 Brass Fill
  • Beguine 108 Marimba Fill
  • Tango 108 Sound Effects
  • Foxtrot 7 132 DoWa Brass
  • Samba 132 Steel Guitar
  • Foxtrot 8 132 Sound Effects

    Music Master 600/600 Rhythms (complete, 18 sounds with 25 unique rhythms, 12 repeated)

  • Viennese Walz 168
  • Pipe Organ Bass 0
  • Walz 84
  • Polka 126
  • Tuba and Drums 100
  • Rhumba 126
  • Fox Trot 1 152
  • Shuffle 116
  • Fox Trot 2 72
  • Fox Trot 3 184
  • String Bass 0
  • Fox Trot 4 96
  • Tango 108
  • Tambourine Rhythm 116
  • Fox Trot 5 200
  • Samba 132
  • Cha-Cha 116
  • Rock-Roll 132

    Lead Sounds (42 sounds, M denotes use in the M-series instruments)

  • Dixieland M
  • Violin Solo
  • Violin Damped
  • Violin Vibrato
  • Violin Staccato
  • Violin 2 Pizzicato/Bowed
  • Violin 2 Pizzicato
  • Violin 2 Bowed
  • Bass Pizzicato
  • 10Doo Vocal
  • Alto Sax M
  • Tenor Sax 2
  • Tenor Sax 3 M
  • English Horn M
  • Soprano Sax M
  • Trumpet no Vibrato
  • Muted Trumpet M
  • Waa-Waa Trumpet
  • Trombone 2 M
  • 20Slur Trombone M
  • DoWa Trombone M
  • Flute String Organ M
  • Kinura Organ M
  • Piano Soft
  • Piano Hard (octave)
  • Vibraphone Fast
  • Vibraphone no/light Vibrato
  • Bells Glockenspiel M
  • Bells Orchestral M
  • 30Guitar Tremolo
  • Guitar Acoustic Steel String 1
  • Guitar Acoustic Steel String 2
  • Steel Guitar
  • Guitar Acoustic Steel String M
  • Banjo M
  • Guitar Slur M
  • Mandolin Harry
  • Harp Solo M
  • Harp Short Roll M
  • 40Harp Long Roll M
  • SFX 1 M
  • SFX 2 M

    Gino Vanelli Library (22 sounds)

  • Violins Light Vibrato
  • Violins Regular Vibrato
  • Violins Half Trill
  • Violins Whole Trill
  • Violins Tremolo
  • Violins Pizzicato
  • Viola Light Vibrato
  • Viola Regular Vibrato
  • Viola Half Trill
  • Viola Whole Trill
  • Viola Tremolo
  • Viola Pizzicato
  • Cello Light Vibrato
  • Cello Regular Vibrato
  • Cello Half Trill
  • Cello Whole Trill
  • Cello Tremolo
  • Cello Pizzicato
  • Bass Light Vibrato
  • Bass Regular Vibrato
  • Bass Tremolo
  • Bass Pizzicato
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