Make Noise QPAS

Quad core, stereo, analog multimode modular synth filter
Make Noise QPAS
Make Noise QPAS video
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Please note: This item requires a Eurorack/Modular Synth Case for operation. Shop Eurorack Cases.

The Make Noise QPAS is a stereo multi-peak modular synth filter. Equipped with four identical state variable filter cores, QPAS uses advanced filter curves to create highly emotive synth sounds. QPAS combines the width of stereo spaced peaks with the movement of multiple filter peaks for truly hypnotizing effects. From simple Moog-inspired sounds to deep FM synthesis exploration, QPAS can do it all.


QPAS processes signals using multiple modulated filter channels, which are summed together to create a new version of the original sound. Dial in endless textures using four identical state variable filter cores, including low pass, band pass, high pass, and the innovative new smile filter shape, which changes depending on the cutoff and Radiate settings to deliver a constant output amplitude. All four cores share a center cutoff frequency set by the frequency control and CV input. The “height” of the four filter peaks can be adjusted using the Q control.


Inputs and outputs on the QPAS are normalized, allowing you to spread mono tracks into spacey stereo sounds, or sum stereo signals down to mono. QPAS can be used to add subtle motion to static sounds, or aggressive signal morphing. Each peak can be further modified using the Radiate controls, which control the spread of the peaks. Each set of peaks is routed to a different side of stereo output depending on the filter type, allowing you to dial in immersive stereo modulation for any signal. QPAS features a pre-filter stereo VCA on the input. In a typical design, the VCA would be placed pre-filter. By utilizing a post-filter VCA, QPAS is able to create more vocal modulations.


  • Quad Core Stereo Analog
  • Multi-Peak with clean resonance
  • Fast response encourages deep FM
  • Radiate spaces stereo image and animates associated channel
  • High Q settings are under damped, excitable, and ring by gate or trigger
  • 2 modulation inputs aid patch exploration
  • Stereo VCA, pre-filter with gain
  • Mono to Stereo, Stereo to Mono, Mono to Mono and Stereo to Stereo operations
  • Smile Pass filter response unique to QPAS
  • Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass and Smile Pass outputs simultaneously available

Additional Information

Condition New
Depth 30 mm
Chassis Module
Module Type Eurorack
Module Slot Count 18hp
Connector Type 3.5 mm
Power Consumption 166 mA +12 V / 190 mA -12 V
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