Mike Nehra

Mike Nehra

Chief Executive Officer

It all starts in Detroit, Michigan. After years of playing, recording, and engineering, Mike Nehra, his brother Andrew and long-time friend Al Sutton would open The White Room Studio in Harmonie Park. Not only would the studio serve as a recording home for Nehra’s band, Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise, but it would also act as the birthplace of Vintage King.

After some early success at the White Room and on the road with Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise, Mike and Andrew devised a plan to purchase a selection of vintage Neve gear while touring abroad in England. When Mike returned with gear in hand, the brothers elected to sell what they weren't using, placing ads in the back of trade magazines. The ads generated a surprising amount of interest and in the ensuing months, Vintage King quickly came to life.

In the time since, Mike has been at the helm of Vintage King, guiding the company through a period of intense growth. The company has expanded from running out of the White Room to having a worldwide presence with over 100 employees, two brick and mortar locations and a one-of-a-kind tech shop.

"I've become friends with so many interesting customers (musicians, producers, engineers), equipment designers, and manufacturers through Vintage King,” says Nehra. “I love having conversations about gear and recording/production techniques with these people and passing it on to our staff so that they can teach others through their own work."

In 2018, Mike Nehra announced that Ryan McGuire would be moving into the role of Vintage King’s President. With McGuire now leading the way, Nehra officially moved into the company’s CEO role, acting as a visionary who continues to help Vintage King’s expansion. When he’s not at Vintage King headquarters, Mike can be found spending time outdoors with his wife Lindsey, their young children and dog, Jethro.

"It's been exciting to experience such massive growth and see the industry evolve over the years," Nehra states. "I know that we have the right tools and people in place to continue adapting with the ever changing world of pro audio. Quickly educating ourselves internally on these advances and then educating our customers is of the highest priority."

Q & A

When did you first become interested in music?
When I was about eight-years-old, I’d always hear two teenagers jamming loud electric guitars in my neighborhood. Hearing them play inspired me to play electric guitar. I’m left handed but couldn’t afford more expensive left handed guitars, so I just picked up playing right handed on an old Sears electric. I made my own guitar amp from an old hifi stereo amp and a piece of plywood with car speakers mounted to it. It wasn’t elegant but it served the purpose!

What is your favorite album of all time and why?
That’s difficult to pin down. I love too many albums from a variety of genres and periods. Lately, I love a lot of Americana and Alt-Country work coming from a handful of talented producer engineers in Nashville.

What do you like to do when you're not working at Vintage King?
Love doing all things outdoors with my family, hiking, riding bikes, camping, anything near water, rivers and mountains. I’m a gearhead and love restoring and driving old cars, working on mini bikes and wood boats. Trying to teach my young ones how to play guitar.