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Kilohearts Resonator

Virtual effects plug-in allowing fine-tuned control over the sustain of specific harmonics - VST/AAX/AU
MFR# 1035-1410

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Product Description

Kilohearts Resonator is a virtual effects plug-in that allows fine-tuned control over the sustain of a specific tone for harmonic resonance.

Found a frequency that you really really like? Want it to hang in there for just a little bit longer? Let it ring in the new year with Resonator.

Specific frequency harmonics in the input sound are enhanced and propagated, giving you fine control over the sustain of a tone.


This virtual effects plug-in is part of the Kilohearts Essentials plug-ins and one of a growing collection of that form the Kilohearts Ecosystem. They can be used as regular plugins (VST/AAX/AU) but also as Snapins when combined with other plug-ins from the Kilohearts Ecosystem. These lightweight and high-quality plug-ins have intuitive no-nonsense interfaces so you will be using them like a master in no time.


  • Pitch display: The frequency at which to resonate
  • Decay knob: Sets how long it takes for the resonance to ring out after the input goes silent
  • Intensity knob: Adjusts how much the resonance amplifies the input signal
  • Timbre: Switches between two different harmonic series for the resonance. Choose between all harmonics (saw tooth wave) or odd harmonics (square wave)
  • Mix knob: The dry/wet mix of this effect. A lower value will let some of the unmodified signal through



  • OS X 10.10 or later
  • 2 GHz Processor or higher
  • 4 GB RAM minimum
  • M1 Native supported


  • Windows 7 SP1 or later
  • 2 GHz Processor or higher
  • 4 GB RAM minimum