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Kilohearts Distortion

Versatile effect plug-in featuring 5 different distortion shapes - VST/AAX/AU
MFR# 1035-1397

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Product Description

Kilohearts Distortion is a versatile effect plug-in featuring 5 different Distortion shapes.

Ever since mankind invented music, there has been a desire to make it heavier. Distortion can take your sound from zero to sword-wielding hero in seconds.

5 different distortion shapes are available to add a tinge of edge or rip things apart. In stereo, if that's what you're into.


This virtual effects plug-in is part of the Kilohearts Essentials plug-ins and one of a growing collection of that form the Kilohearts Ecosystem. They can be used as regular plugins (VST/AAX/AU) but also as Snapins when combined with other plug-ins from the Kilohearts Ecosystem. These lightweight and high-quality plug-ins have intuitive no-nonsense interfaces so you will be using them like a master in no time.


  • Type: The flavor of distortion. Select between overdrive, saturate, foldback, sine and hard clip
  • Bias knob: Will add a DC offset to the signal before distorting. Adding some bias can prevent the distorted audio from sounding hollow and uninteresting
  • Spread knob: Will add different amount of bias to the left and right channels. This can give some nice and subtle stereo widening
  • Drive knob: Will boost the input signal, causing a heavier distortion
  • Dynamics: A common problem with distortion is that it can remove the dynamic content of the input signal, forcing the output to maxfimum volume. Turn up this knob to preserve the dynamics of the input
  • Mix knob: The dry/wet mix of this effect. A lower value will let some of the unmodified signal through



  • OS X 10.10 or later
  • 2 GHz Processor or higher
  • 4 GB