JL Cooper MLA 10 MIDI Line Amplifier Rack Mount

19' rackmount MIDI line amplifier sending information in excess of 1000 feet
JL Cooper MLA 10 MIDI Line Amplifier Rack Mount
JL Cooper MLA 10 MIDI Line Amplifier Rack Mount JL Cooper MLA 10 MIDI Line Amplifier Rack Mount
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The JL Cooper MLA-10 is designed to fit into a standard single 19” rack space. Each MLA-10 features 8 MIDI lines configured as 4 inputs and 4 outputs. It has 4 MIDI input connectors, 4 MIDI output connectors and individual MIDI activity LEDs.

JL Cooper Electronics extends the distance of MIDI with the MLA Series - MIDI Line Amplifiers. They let you effectively extend MIDI cable length using twisted pair wire or a standard audio snake. MIDI Line Amplifiers are specifically designed for sending MIDI data over long distances with the capability to send information in excess of 1000 feet. Ideal for touring systems or permanent installations, MLA's can be used in schools, recording and production facilities, board- rooms, live performances, convention centers, churches, theaters, stadiums, amusement parks and more. When to Use a MIDI Line Amplifier MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is an increasingly important consideration for schools, recording facilities, stadiums, arenas, hotels, amusement parks, or other facilities where MIDI messages are required to be sent a long distance, or to multiple locations. T he MIDI standard only permits a maximum cable run of less than 50 feet. The innovative MLA Series MIDI Line Amplifiers overcome this limitation. The MLA's convert the MIDI signal into a balanced high speed digital protocol that can travel over common twisted pair wire. The signal is converted back to MIDI through another MLA at the other end of the cable run.

MLA's are ideal for permanent installations or anywhere a longer MIDI cable run is required. The MLA's can be easily networked to multiple locations such as from the master control room to a series of separate MIDI rooms in a recording studio, broadcast facility or educational lab. This allows you to de-centralize the location of MIDI devices in the system.


  • 4 MIDI Input connectors
  • 4 MIDI Output connectors
  • Detachable terminal strip connectors
  • MIDI activity LEDs
  • MIDI cable runs over 1000'
  • Uses common twisted pair wire
  • Multiple units may be networked
  • Low power consumption
  • Can supply power to multiple MLA-1's
  • Front panel power switch
  • Single 19” rack space
  • Heavy duty rack enclosure


  • Size 19 in x 3.87 in x 1.75 in
  • Weight 3.25 lb

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