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Internet Co. Sound it! 8 Pro Windows - Electronic Delivery

Multifunctional and versatile audio editing, mastering and processing software with advanced professional features - Windows

MFR# 1035-889

Product Description

Internet Co. Sound it! Pro is a multifunctional and versatile audio editing, mastering and processing software. High-quality sound and ability of sound design, supports for high resolution audio and comes with professional bundled effects, batch processing capability and more, giving you the ability to answer to any professional sound engineers or high-end audiophiles' demands.


Sound it! makes your sound editing workflow more speedy with a superb visibility of the target waveform, instinctive mouse operations and various built-in and assignable keyboard shortcuts. Moreover touch operations such as pinch and swipe are supported by using a touch display with Windows 7 or later.

A timeline scale of the Edit Window supports Time, Samples and Beats. Tempo (BPM) and Beat can be set with clicking the mouse button or pressing Enter on the keyboard manually while keeping time with the played sound. Moving the playback cursor directly with numeric value to the locator area. Jog Shuttle allows you to control the playback speed while playing forward or the backward while stopped.

Various built-in keyboard shortcuts are available and make your workflow speedy and stress-free. Of course your frequent operations can be assigned as your own keyboard shortcuts.

Only selected area can be zoomed in or zoomed out. Outside of the selected area is not affected. Zoom in/out setting freely with the zoom sliders located right bottom corner of the Edit Window.

Easy to move the waveform view area by dragging in the Edit Window with the hand cursor.


A time to start recording and a time to stop recording can be reserved. While using pause button, Time Shift Recording is available and start time to record begins back to the shifting time (up to 10sec) from the timing to release the pause button to start recording. This allows you not to miss the start timing of an important recording. Stop recording automatically after a time is specified. You need not to operate PC to stop recording, especially when you start long term recording.

Maximum recording file size is up to 100GB. This means maximum recording time is up to about 165 hours at 16-bit/44.1 kHz/Stereo (CD quality) format. If a recording file size is over 2GB, MP3, WMA and SIW/SIA (Sound it! exclusive use) file formats are available to save. When open the file over 2GB with the other software, divide them less than 2GB before.

INTERNET ASIO Driver enable to record the sound of computer playback easily, for example Internet Radio, Live streaming and the other internal audio on your computer.


Cross fade function is specially designed for reducing the dissonant click noises easily which is generated from a discontinuous waveform after frequent cut or paste. This helps you to free to have to use restoration effects for reducing noise after cut or paste editing.

Multiple files can be opened at the same time and edit them with each other. One file contains one track audio data, does not support multiple track construction.

Markers are used to search the waveform positions when you try and edit or play, set dividing points and define the top or end point of the target area for editing such as cut, copy, trim and so on. You can put markers easily while playing and editing. There are special marker's types such as dividing point, a start or end point for extracting and chapter markers. All markers have each marker type and comment, and they are listed and editable at the Marker List Window.

This function allows you to add division or region markers after detecting silence automatically. You can divide a recording data from a analog disk or tape including one single track into a number of tracks.

Level and balance of copied data can be controlled and previewed before merging with existing data.

Easy to create as a new file with dragging selected area to the outside of the current Edit Window.

Using Pen Tool, it is very easy to edit each level of sampling points freely to remove momentary noise which any noise reduction or restoration effects are unable to clean.

DC offset caused by the leak voltage from the output stage of some audio interfaces can be removed easily from the recording data. DC offset is not audible in itself but it may cause dissonant noise after editing or processing with each repetition.

Normalize and Gain are controlled precisely with calculating a level (dB) to one decimal places.

Fade-In/Out, Reverse, Insert Blank, Audio Format Conversion (Bit Resolution/Sampling Rate/Channel), Invert Phase, Swap Channel, Gain (Level) Control, Normalize.


Mixer Control allows you to adjust and control an input and output level, pan and insertion effects up to 8 modules in realtime. Moreover mixer controller values and parameters of effects' settings are affected to the original waveform by the Freeze Button with one click. All inserted effects can be controlled on/off at the same time and affected to multiple audio files in the Batch Processing. Mixer control is not available for the DSD native mode.

Monitor level control adjusts the sending level to the audio interface for playback with no effect for Freeze function in the Mixer.

The volume and pan can be controlled continuously with no effect to the original waveform data. There are two methods to create an automation data to control the volume or pan. One is drawing the envelope curve using a mouse in the Display Window upper of the Wave Editor. Another is operating the volume fader or pan knob in real-time in the Mixer Panel with Automation Write Button activated while playing. Automation data are affected to the waveform when using Freeze Button with Automation Read Button activated.

Supported "FX Chain Preset" which provides the function that the effect settings in the mixer window and each FX parameters can be saved and loaded.


Sound it! 8 Pro bundles 49 effect plug-ins and Sound it! 8 Basic bundles 25 ones.

Media Browser is very easy to use and can display, preview and open supported audio files with drag & drop in your computer. More details of a file information such as a file name, a file format, an audio format, a file size and an updated date are displayed. In addition a key and a tempo are available for a Acid file.

Easy to create ACID files, specifying a tempo, a beat or a root note name and saving with the WAV (Linear PCM) formats. These files are used in any other DAW softwares compatible with ACID files.

Batch Processing is very easy to use when affecting the same processing to all files included in the specified folder. In addition, any inserted effects processing in the Mixer panel are also available to use in the Batch Processing.

You can create music CD with adjusting levels and equalization. Also pre-gap time in 10ms (Basic:1s) increments, gap-less and crossfade settings between tracks can be configurable. Sound it! 8 Pro supports CD-TEXT and DDP file creation including ISRC and EAN.

Product Specifications

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Operating SystemWindows

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