With a Eurorack and Modular Synth, you are able to create your own custom synthesizer as you see fit, piece by piece. With the use of patch cables, you are then able to combine different elements such as oscillators, modulation, sequencers, envelope filters and more as you see fit. Unlike typical keyboard workstations, which come preassembled with stock oscillators, modulators, etc, a modular synth allows you to expand upon the synthesizer to create a whole world of custom sounds.

You’ll first need a Eurorack case, this will house all of the modules you choose when creating the modular synth. Eurorack cases are measured by HP, or Head Pitch, as well as the modules you choose. You’ll want to be aware of HP when adding modules to your Eurorack, and as long as the modules are less than the racks HP, they will all fit fine. If your modules expand beyond the cases HP, you can simply add another Eurorack case and keep expanding the synth.

Be aware of the power useage on each module, as each Eurorack has a set number of mA it can supply to power the installed modules. If you are planning to expand the synth to multiple modular units, be sure to grab a Eurorack case with a higher output of mA.

Cabling is an important part of the modular synth setup. The beauty of these units is the ability to create custom sounds on the fly, and is achieved through patching the modules in different combinations within the signal path. Vintage King offers high-quality custom cables to ensure you are getting the cleanest path from module to modules. If you are a less experienced modular synth user, semi-modular synth modules require less patching and create sounds right out of the box, so less patching, or none at all is involved to start making music.

Be aware that not all modular synths have to be used in the Eurorack format. If you have an external synth module that supports CV (controlled voltage) or gate signal patch points, they can be integrated into a modular synth setup.

For any questions concerning your intro to modular synthesis, be sure to contact your sales rep at Vintage King.