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  1. STG Soundlabs .SHN

    MFR#: .SHN
    Noise source and sample & hold Eurorack module
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The oscillator is what generates the main signal source in a Eurorack and modular synthesizer setup. The oscillator will generate a signal dependent on the octave range you select, and the characteristic will be determined by the waveform you choose. The most common waveform is a sine wave, which has equal positive and negative value across the zero voltage line. You can also choose from an array or waveforms such as triangle, sawtooth, reverse sawtooth, square, or more depending on the oscillator style.

Most expanded modular synth setups within a Eurorack use a combination of multiple oscillators to create custom sounds. When building your Eurorack setup, look into multiple options of oscillators to achieve the desired sounds you are looking to create. The more oscillators you have available, the more in-depth you can go into sound design.

In some expanded modular synth setups, you can use a hard sync function that will adjust the phase of each oscillator to be perfectly aligned, which can take a very inharmonic sound and turn it into a smooth, airy, breathy pad sound. This is often used to create sounds similar to horns, strings, soft vocals, or ambient pads.

For any questions concerning Eurorack setups, modular synthesizers, or the addition of oscillators to your rig, be sure to contact your sales rep at Vintage King.