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Barefoot Sound MicroMain27 Gen2 3.5-Way Active Studio Monitor - Pair

Active 3.5-way near-field, main and mastering monitor pair with dual 10" integrated subs and selectable DSP voicing presets

Product Description

The Barefoot Sound MicroMain27 Gen2 takes Barefoot’s all-in-one monitoring concept to new heights. Unwilling to rest on his laurels, Thomas Barefoot has spent years further refining one of the most revered recording studio monitors in the world. These refinements preserve the effortless translation that has defined the Barefoot brand, but are an evolution, yielding even greater transparency and inner detail. The MicroMain27 Gen2 retains the same compact form factor as its predecessor, with integrated dual 10" force-canceling subwoofers, but the MM27 Gen2 is updated with technology developed in the flagship MiniMain12. New additions include ultra-high-quality converters, a 1" ring radiator tweeter, 5.25" extended-range neodymium motor mid-bass drivers, Hypex amplification, AES digital inputs, a 1dB stepped attenuator, and advanced DSP integration.

  • Worthy evolution of a widely renowned monitor
  • New speaker emulation technology offers 4-in-1 referencing
  • Integrated dual 10" subwoofer design supports clean upper bass and mids

Worthy evolution of a widely renowned monitor
While the original MicroMain27 was amassing its stellar reviews, Thomas Barefoot remained hard at work cultivating new technology to take the MM27 to the next level. The result is the MM27 Gen2, which delivers the neutrality, form factor, and all-in-one functionality that attracted the likes of Michael Brauer, Butch Vig, Rich Costey, and Mark Linett in the first place. But, the MM27 Gen2 separates itself from its honorable predecessor in key, significant ways. Notably, Barefoot incorporated the successful technology initially implemented in their flagship MiniMain12, including the same signal path, from the converters to the Digital Signal Processor to premium Hypex amplifier modules. What's more, the MicroMain27 Gen2 offers an improved tweeter for even more accurate highs, along with new 5.25" extended-range neudymium motor mid-bass drivers, and the ultra-stable dual 10" force-cancelling subwoofers, a trio that works together smoothly and seamlessly to deliver an honest, accurate image.

New speaker emulation technology offers 4-in-1 referencing
In addition to its even, revealing voice, the MM27 Gen2 harnesses DSP power to bring you the voicing characteristics and responses of classic studio nearfield monitors. You can use the four-position wired remote to quickly switch through different voices, allowing you to preview your mix on different types of speakers, without having the clutter of multiple speaker systems. The four settings are "Old School," "Cube," "Hi-Fi," and "Flat." The "Old School" setting captures the essence of the ubiquitous NS10M, rolling off the sub-bass and top-end information, and bringing forward mid-range presence. The "Cube" setting is a nod to the "aura" of the classic full-range micro monitors of yesteryear, a valuable setting in the age of laptops, tablets, and earbuds. "Hi-Fi" sweetens the high end and warms mid-range to behave much like consumer hi-fi systems, the perfect setting for quick artist playback or when listening to favorites in the studio. Last, as you might expect, "Flat" is the prized default setting, offering the true, revealing Barefoot Sound.

Integrated dual 10" subwoofer design supports clean upper bass and mids
Part of the magic that makes the MM27 Gen2 work so well is that, like its predecessor, it offers integrated dual 10" subwoofers. Working alongside an updated 1" ring radiator tweeter and dual 5.25" midbass drivers, all with advanced neodymium motors, the MM27's two subs are housed in compact sealed enclosures, yielding stable LF control and excellent impulse response. Because the sub motor structures are locked together, the opposing forces cancel each other out, keeping the MM27 Gen2 steady even at roaring output levels. Even more importantly, the integrated sub design takes the pressure off the mid-bass drivers, resulting in a dramatically cleaned-up upper bass and midrange.

MicroMain27 Gen2 features:

  • 3.5-way active studio monitor with integral subwoofers
  • Four-setting DSP voice emulation
  • Analog and AES3 digital inputs
  • Hypex amplification
  • Tweeter - 1" ring radiator with Advanced neodymium motor
  • Rear waveguide chamber. Amplifier: 250W Hypex
  • Midbass 1 - 5.25" poly/paper cone with Advanced neodymium motor , with +/- 5 mm linear excursion. Amplifier: 250W Hypex
  • Midbass 2 - 5.25" poly/paper cone with Advanced neodymium motor, with +/- 5 mm linear excursion. Amplifier: 250W Hypex
  • Subwoofers - 2 x 10" aluminum cone with high linearity motor, with +/- 13 mm linear excursion. Amplifier: 500W Hypex
  • Crossover Frequencies: 100 / 600 / 3000 Hz
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 20.5" x 9.5" x 15.5"
  • Overall Dimensions: 20.5" x 10.4" x. 17.4"


"Unlike many other pieces of gear, monitors are a very personal choice. I've been mixing on one set of midfields for the past 20 years. During that time, I've A/B'd them against most of the popular contenders. None showed the potential to improve my mixes until Mike Nehra at Vintage King asked me to try a set of Barefoot MM27's. They sounded great on first listen but would my mixes translate accurately? If so, I'd be super impressed and open to change. As a large midfield monitor they offered me an accurate response from a big bottom, warm punchy midrange to a wide clear top end, at both low and high playback levels, something that my present midfields didn't do well.
I patiently gave my ears plenty of time to adjust and adapt to the MM 27's. Over a period of a few months, I slowly weaned myself from my old midfields to the Barefoots. It wasn't a deliberate decision, I just found myself over time being able to trust them. I've really fallen love with the bottom end they pump out and my mixes are coming out great. And for the benefit of clients that want to playback a mix at physically altering levels, unlike many other self-powered monitors, these can be driven really loud without the amp folding or going into an auto-limiting mode.
The most obvious response has been coming from my clients that prefer I playback on the Barefoots when making comments.
The final and most important factor in deciding to continue with the Barefoots came from Mastering. The first record that I recently mixed (Slow Poison/The Bravery) on the MM27's got excellent reviews from my mastering engineer, meaning he didn't have to mess with it and the bottom end was just right. Barefoots DON'T LIE!"

Michael H. Brauer, Record Mixer

 "I'd been using the same monitors for over 10 years when Ted convinced me to try the Barefoot MM27s. The test mixes I did were so good that I ordered a pair, and the three weeks that I had to go back to using my old monitors while waiting for my MM27s to be delivered was torture."

Mark Linett (Brian Wilson, Randy Newman, Red Hot Chili Peppers)

"The MM27 is such a major step forward that it could easily become the must-have speaker in every studio. It's the NS-10 of our generation."

Kevin Augunas, Fairfax Recordings

"They have very impressive bottom end, sound-staging, and imaging, and can be brutally honest. I had a very short adjustment period with them, and was pleasantly surprised to find that mixing actually went faster and translated excellently."

Rich Costey, Producer, Engineer, Mixer


"The MicroMain 27's sound amazing! I feel like I'm listening to the music, not the speakers, and I can hear everything from top to bottom with incredible detail. There are no surprises when the mixes leave my studio, and they translate extremely well to the real world."

Butch Vig, Musician and Producer

"The MicroMain 27s are my new standard."

Bob Ezrin


"I installed the MM27s, and the first thing I noticed was their weight, oh my god they weigh a lot!! Also, their construction is amazing, built like a tank but at the same time the design is so beautiful.... So I finished my mix and after some listening in my car and my boombox I send it to the label without surprises, the mix was exactly as I mixed it at my place. C'mon! this was my first time with those speakers and I was able to deliver a mix that translated really well to other systems!!!"

Armando Avila

"The MM27's provide more "information" than any speaker I've ever heard. They are brutally honest and once you get things sounding good on these, they'll translate extremely well. Also, I've become a big fan of mixing w/o the need for a separate subwoofer."

Doug McBride

"I knew within 30 seconds of hearing the MM27s that I had to have a pair. The sonic clarity, punch and ability to hear (and therefore mould) frequencies, transients and low end is so much better than any other speaker I've heard. I honestly can't put into words how much I love these speakers, my mixes have improved by at least 30% since owning them."

Rik Simpson

Product Specifications

Length15.5 in
Width9.5 in
Height20.5 in
Unit Weight68 lb
Active or PassiveActive
Monitor ApplicationNear-Field, Mid-Field
Speaker ConfigurationThree-Way
driver_sizesTweeter: 1" ring radiator / Midbass 1: 5.25" poly, paper cone / Midbass 2: 5.25" poly, paper cone / Subwoofer: 10" aluminum cone
Number of SpeakersPair
Input ConnectorsAES/EBU XLR, Analog XLR
Amp WattageTweeter: 250 W Hypex / Midbass 1: 250 W Hypex / Midbass 2: 250 W Hypex / Subwoofer: 500 W Hypex
ImpedanceInput: 50 kOhms
Frequency Range30 Hz - 45 kHz, ± 3 dB

Product Reviews

5 out of 5 stars.
Review Count (6)

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I’m able to fine-tune the mid range with unbelievable clarity.

By GSLogic on September 6, 2021

Was skeptical about how good any speaker could sound. And if they would really be worth it.

Sounds unlike anything I have heard before. Every person that comes into the studio immediately says they are worth every penny. Every producer I know has started bringing their tracks over just to do the mixdown in my studio.

There is no question the low end detail in these is worth every penny. Zero questions about kick and baselines sitting well together in a track.

I feel like I’m hearing all of my old tracks for the first time. These are that good.

If my studio burns down tomorrow, the first thing I’m ordering with the insurance money is another pair of these.

By Christopher W on January 12, 2021

Great speakers

By Manu S on March 13, 2020

I have had my mm27s for 4-5 months now. I had a old pair of Genelecs before. I had a problem on a mix I was doing on the Genelecs in the 250hz range. Sounded fine on the Genelecs but bad elsewhere. The second I plugged in the Barefoots I heard the problem clear as day. These monitors do not lie to you at all. What you hear on them is what you hear elsewhere. A huge selling point to me was the 4 mode the mm27s have. I use the hype mode from tracking, flat from mixing then switch to ns10 mode during mixing also. I have a mono Avantone mix cube I am very used to. So, I really do not use that mode on the Barefoots. They are expensive but worth every penny.

By ars on February 15, 2020

First of all, it’s very difficult to review these speakers without a few four letter words. That being said, we’ve had these in our mix room for about a month now and I’ve never been so excited to mix in my career. The sound is beyond accurate. I hear changes to my mix I’ve never heard before. A .5db change at 4khz? Yes I can hear that like night and day. Makes mixing fun. And cute mix time down exponentially! Without a doubt, single best investment we’ve made in our studio. Thank you to VK for great support, advice, and just all around great service.

By Jason D on January 16, 2020

Once you go Barefoot- you never go back!!

By Jacob on December 30, 2014

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