Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets Resynthesizer

A suite of expressive effects to transform your instrument in new and exciting ways
MFR# Infinite Jets
Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets Resynthesizer
Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets Resynthesizer Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets Resynthesizer Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets Resynthesizer Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets Resynthesizer Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets Resynthesizer Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets Resynthesizer Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets Resynthesizer Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets Resynthesizer Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets Resynthesizer video video
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The Hologram Electronics Infinite Jets Resynthesizer is a two channel sampler pedal with four different effect modes, Blur, Synth, Glitch and Swell. Access infinite sustain of single notes or full chords with the ability to switch or fade between two channels.

Choose between three sampling modes. In mono trigger mode, one channel is active at a time, and infinite sustain notes are triggered by your playing. You can still bank between the A and B channels, but only one note will play at a time. In poly trigger mode, the notes are also triggered by your playing but both channels can sustain at the same time, allowing notes or chords to overlap. This can create a wall of sound that’s completely out of this world. In manual trigger mode, either channel can be triggered independently via the A/B foot switches. You can choose to have the pedals toggle between the two channels, latch and stay on whatever channel you pick, or momentarily engage as you press down on the either channels foot switch.

The envelope shape control allows for changing the attack and decay characteristics of a sampled note through changing the waveform type. Choose between Triangle, Sawtooth, Square, Bell, Reverse Sawtooth, and Step. Envelope time will determine the length of the note.

Dimension control manipulates parameters unique to each effect. On the Blur settings, it controls a combination of delay times, feedback and filtering effects. In the Synth mode, it controls the cutoff point of the low pass filter. The dimension knob works in two different forms depending on what Glitch mode you are in. In Glitch mode A, it chooses between four sample lengths to playback. In Glitch mode B, you can scroll through six notes stored in the pedals memory. In swell mode, it feeds the effected signal into the delay path.

The Voice control allows you to select between the 10 onboard settings. Choose between four settings on the Blur mode including Natural, Octave, Up, Octave Down and ±1 Octave, which are meant for creating atmospheric pads underneath lead playing. You can choose between two different synth modes, Mode A, an aggressive synth, or Mode B, a lush airy sound reminiscent of the 1980s.

Glitch A repeats four stored notes in a predictable pattern, whereas Glitch B generates a random sequence from six separate fragments of audio. Swell A works as a tremolo effect. Swell B works in the same fashion as Swell A, but adds waveshaping for the ability to create fuzz effects and heavily distorted lead tones.

Digitally controlled analog drive and wet/dry mix controls allow for further customization of your sounds. The addition of a foot switch can enable mapping of any parameter for hands free control.


  • Two independent channels of sampling, allowing for infinite sustain of two different notes or chords at a time
  • Samplers can be triggered automatically by note attack or in manual mode via footswitch
  • 4 separate effect styles (Blur, Synth, Glitch, and Swell)
  • 10 preset variations
  • 2 User Save slots
  • Envelope Shape control, for changing the attack and decay characteristics of sampled notes
  • Dimension control, for manipulating parameters unique to each effect
  • Record and Save Knob Movements
  • Internal LFO and Envelope Generators for control of Dimension and sampling channel volume
  • Digitally-Controlled-Analog Drive, Tone, and Dry Mix controls
  • Analog Dry Path
  • Expression Pedal Input, mappable to many controls
  • True Bypass Switching (electromechanical relay)

Does not include a power supply, you will need a center-negative 9V DC power supply capable of supplying >200 mA.


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