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Genelec 7380A - Single

Genelec's flagship subwoofer now bringing even more low-frequency muscle to the SAM family

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Product Description

The Genelec 7380A introduces great improvements to Genelec's flagship subwoofer, now providing even more low-frequency power to your studio setup with a much smaller footprint.

The 7380A uses Genelec’s SAM technology through the GLM software platform. The software shoots signals through your control room which are analyzed by a dedicated microphone. The GLM software then tunes the speakers to balance out the imperfections that may be occurring within your control room, ensuring the most neutral listening environment possible, and best calibration between the near-field monitors and subwoofer.

The flexible bass management options allow the 7380A to be perfectly matched to any acoustic environment. For a smaller control room, choose the centralized option for maximum bass response in the mixing position. If working in a larger room, use the distributed option to let the lower frequencies surround you. This is also helpful for creating a powerful listening position at the client or producer's desk when they’re listening to the mix for the first time.

If you’re working with a system that doesn’t use SAM technology, the front panel DIP-switches can allow the 7380A to work in standalone mode, which can still apply advanced calibration features on non-SAM studio monitors.

Don’t let the smaller size fool you, the 7380A provides more power than its larger predecessors, now with extended low-distortion in the lower frequencies and more power at highe