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Focusrite ISA 430 Producer Pack #355 (Used) – No Longer Available

Single-channel mic pre/channel strip

Product Description

The ISA 430 is a professional analogue audio processor with an optional, multi-format digital output board (not included). The ISA 430 is the first Focusrite product to include a range of different classic Focusrite modules in a single unit.

In addition to retaining the classic look and sound of the original ISA 110 EQ and Focusrite dynamics (ISA 130) it adds new processing technology, state-of-the-art routing flexibility, and digital connectivity. The wide variety of different processors, in combination with the digital output, means the ISA 430 is truly a 'Producer Pack', which combines the best of analogue and digital technologies.
Focusrite professional mic-pre; a classic dual-gain transformer-based design, plus Line and Instrument inputs mean a flexible front end which also includes phantom power and phase reverse.
Post-pre-amp output immediately after the pre-amp which is fed directly to a balanced output. This creates an ultra-short signal path for the cleanest, highest quality recordings possible.
Original ISA 110 EQ. 4 Band: fully parametric Hi- and Lo-Mids, stepped frequency shelving Low- and High- bands, plus Swept Hi- and Lo- Pass filters. This is the exact EQ used in every channel of the Focusrite Studio Console.
Compressor- featuring a custom Class A Focusrite VCA and sidechain control circuit from the original Focusrite ISA 130.
Expander/Gate - also shares the ISA 130’s vintage heritage.
De-esser - an opto design, updated from the original ISA 130 circuitry, which uses an EQ-based subtractive circuit (less intrusive on the non-sibilant frequencies) and which is much more effective and transparent than traditional VCA designs.
Multi-band Limiter - a 3-band "Frequency-adaptive’ Limiter which has different limiting properties for each of the three frequency bands, giving true distortion-free limiting.
Optional 24-bit/96kHz digital output board (not included), with AES/EBU, TOS-link and SPDIF formats, 44.1-96kHz operation, sample rate selection, external wordclock, and Digidesign’s proprietary Superclock.
Incredibly flexible routing and monitoring - there is a discrete insert send and return which can be placed before EQ and Dynamics modules, between the two, or after both.
Additionally, all bands of EQ can be independently routed into the sidechain of the compressor and/or gate for accurate drum gating, or frequency-selective compression, (eg bass-compensated compression for dance music). The vintage-style VU Meter can display input, insert return or gain reduction levels. "Listen" mode allows monitoring of the sidechains of the Compressor/Gate/Limiter/De-esser so that accurate frequency adjustment can be made when tailoring the various dynamic effects.
Single or Split Modes - the unit can be run as a "Producer Pack" (single multi-module unit,) or split to act as two independent processors running discrete audio paths. Split mode allows the insert send and return connections to act as independent inputs and outputs to the dynamics section, creating two modules in one, with separate EQ and dynamics; perfect for mix down. An external input can be summed into the module output to allow reverb or other effects to be mixed into the processed signal before recording.
Stereo A/D- the 430 can be used as a high quality 24/96 stereo converter channel for final mastering or analogue transfer to digital. The external input and mic/line inputs (when selected to bypass) are both fed to the A/D inputs via the multi-band limiter, giving a clean, protected, high-quality path to digital.
Outputs are transformer-based to complete the classic Focusrite "warm-yet-transparent" sonic signature loved the world over.

Product Specifications

Condition Used / Vintage
Tube or Solid State Solid State
Channels Single-Channel
Chassis 19-inch Rack-mount
Rack Spaces 2u
Direct Input Yes
Digital I/O No

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