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Flock Audio Patch 64-Point Digital-Controlled Analog Patch Bay System

The world's most advanced digitally controlled analog patch pay system - includes 19" rack-mount hardware unit and software

Product Description

The Flock Audio Patch System is the world's most advanced digitally controlled 100% analog audio patch bay routing system.


Beautiful on the outside and powerful under the hood, Patch hardware may appear simple but is packed with deep user functionality.


The PATCH System comes equipped with 4 Connectors housed in the front panel of the system. 2 - Inputs (XLR/TRS Combo jacks) and 2 - XLR Output jacks. These front panel connectors allow a user quickly & easily integrate outside audio equipment or instruments into your recording setup. The front panel connection points are optional use and can be activated/deactivated via using the Flock Audio PATCH APP. The 2 - Inputs (XLR/TRS) are also capable of powering 48 V microphones.


Three colored LED Indicators assist the user with visual notifications including:

  • Host Signal - This LED Illuminates solid Blue when the PATCH System Hardware is connected and communicating with the associated CPU
  • 48 V Front Inputs - This LED Illuminates solid Blue when 48 V has been enabled to the Front Input Combo Jacks, notifying the user to not plug or unplug any audio equipment until the the 48 V is disabled
  • External 48 V Warning - This LED Illuminates solid Red when any connected preamp has its 48 V actively on, because The PATCH System has its own on-board 48 V Power, its not necessary to activate 48 V on the connected preamp


The PATCH System uses very little CPU processing power to send and receive commands from the hardware. Because of the minimal amount of processing required, the PATCH System works off a USB 2.0 and on-wards compatibility. The design was chosen for a low CPU usage so you can have your system processing working harder for your Interface & DAW rather then devoting a large amount of that processing to routing your analog audio equipment.


DB-25's/D-Subs create a clean, simple and organized form of connections to the rear chassis of PATCH. Utilizing the standard Tascam Wiring Pinout schematic, any DB-25/D-Sub cable following this wiring format will work seamlessly with your system. For additional flexibility, Inputs & Outputs (31-32) will flip from the rear side of the chassis to the front when activated in the PATCH APP. This allows a user to quickly audition other outside audio equipment without disconnecting any already designated hardware connected to the PATCH System.


Connect Multiple PATCH Systems together for Expanded I/O Routing Capabilities. The PATCH System has no A/D or D/A conversions built in and with that comes no rules either...meaning connections for audio processing is transferred purely through an analog circuitry no digital. Users can connect multiple PATCH Systems together through their existing on-board I/O in many different configurations, whether you do equal Sends & Returns, maybe more sends than returns or even as little or as many connections between units as you require for your analog configurations.


Designed with a familiar look & feel but all around original. The PATCH APP harnesses a powerful amount of flexibility in 4 user friendly sections illustrated below.


Store all of your outboard hardware for easy drag & drop functionality in the "Hardware Index". The PATCH APP allows a user to customize and store all of their outboard audio equipment into an easy to use searchable Index.


Create, Store & Recall various routing configurations in seconds. The PATCH APP Routings Menu allow users to quickly Store active routings and recall them at a later date. The Routings Menu even has the ability to open the external storage folder right from the application so you can move Stored Routings to DAW session folders for better organization.


Quickly bank through 32 available Paths (8 per bank), Add additional digital rack spaces for more processing then 10 default spaces, clear single or all active paths for new routing opportunities and engage the front Inputs & Outputs right from the PATCH APP. This bottom section of the app allows the user to control important parameters of the PATCH System while on the fly.


The Active Routings section of the PATCH APP is where a user can setup and visually see their active routings. Using the simplicity of Drag & Drop functionality, a user can click and drag any piece of analog hardware from the Hardware Index into a Path to create their desired signal flow combination. Designed on the visual concept of most DAW layouts the PATCH APP Activate Routings section immediately becomes a familiar sight soon as user begins clicking around the in the app.


What are Paths? Paths are simply your signal flow when it comes to the PATCH System. All Paths or signal flows are arranged from top to bottom. For instance in the example next to this description, the green arrow indicates the default signal path as in this case Mic > Pre > Comp > EQ > Interface. You can easily Drag & Drop replacements over existing active Digital Racks to replace them with a different piece of analog hardware. You can take Paths a step even further and add advanced Multing capabilities...


Advanced Multing? Absolutely. The PATCH System users can simply click the directional arrow so it illuminates "Yellow" to the right side of any active path on the specific digital rack piece they prefer multing from. What about impedance load issues that come with traditional multing? Forget about it... Using PATCH's advanced multing capabilities any signal Multed off the original source is unaltered and has no load issues. Mult to your hearts content without any guilt of split signal quality loss.


32 Channels of 48 V Phantom Power built right on board. Users can activate 48 V power to any of the available 32 Input channels for powering your favorite condenser microphones. Why 48 V on board? Well because through various testing phases with traditional patch bay options, majority of patch bays were either not able to carry phantom power at all or significantly under powering microphones. So Flock Audio decided to take it one step further and build 48 V right into the system. Now you can power your condenser microphones the way they were intended to be powered and get the most out of your other investments.


Manage all your new & existing analog hardware right from the Hardware Setup Menu. Remember templates, printing & cutting out labels? Forget about them forever...the PATCH APP allows you to quickly name & re-arrange your analog hardware while keeping it organized right in one simple menu. However, It doesn't stop there...see below some of the powerful setup features that makes a PATCH System unlike anything else in your rack.


Routing and identifying multiple PATCH Systems for expanded I/O capabilities is easy. Simply setup designated Sends &/or Passes with your corresponding analog connections in the rear of the chassis between the PATCH Systems and move analog signals freely between units. Each PATCH System is identified by the colored outline you choose.


  • 64 point connections (32/32)
  • 32 channels 48 V phantom power
  • 2 input/2 output front panel connections
  • Create, store and recall routings
  • Advanced mulling capabilities
  • Multiple system expansion (8 unit support)
  • OS X and Windows compatible software
  • Software and firmware updates
  • Safeguard warning notifications
  • DB25 connectors
  • No label templates required
  • No patch cables required

Product Specifications

Condition New
Package Contents Patch 1U hardware unit, 10' USB 2.0 cable, power supply, power IEC cable, software certificate key, Quick Start/Setup Guide, and Hardware Index Setup Template
Channels 64-Channel
Chassis 19-inch Rack-mount
Rack Spaces 1U

Product Reviews

5 out of 5 stars.
Review Count (2)

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I am VERY happy with my decision to buy a PATCH (64). I have a project studio where I write, record, and mix everything for myself. I loved the concept when I first heard about the PATCH but was concerned about my signal going through the circuits. I did as much homework as I could then made the leap. I don't notice any sound issues, haven't even thought about it, just got straight back to work.

I have my main scenes saved in the quick buttons at the top: drums, instruments, vocals. These allow me to route all my mic-pres to different compressors, eq's, and effects before hitting my A/D. I used to have to manually patch with TT cables for many minutes and could easily lose the creative flow cause it was dark or I patched wrong. Now it's instant, I just drag my outboard around as needed.

I am not using this to route mics to pres as that seems to be a problematic use of the PATCH. I've maxed out my i/o so I'm a bit concerned about what to do if I get more equipment. Maybe i'll just get rid of some if I do : )

By Clark S on September 19, 2022


By yohami z on March 25, 2021

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