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Ex Machina Quasar 3-Way Active Studio Monitor - Pair

3-way active studio monitor suited to near-mid to midfield applications featuring twin 8” rigid aluminum silicon alloy drivers

Product Description

With the Ex Machina Quasar 3-Way Active Studio Monitor, the Brooklyn-based brand utilized the foundation of its smallest monitor, the Pulsar, to create a larger product that would fill an even wider range of needs. The resulting monitor offers up more power, more accuracy, more volume, and a deeper low end. Thus, the Quasar has already been adopted everywhere from smaller studios to large rooms, and has been used as everything from a nearfield option up to mains.


One of the most essential elements of Ex Machina's monitors is the cabinet construction that the brand employs. The sealed, highly braced cabinets of the Quasar are built with thick Valchromat, which helps to stop group delay and turbulence. The material is known for being far superior for acoustic enclosures, preferred by many over MDF and plywood.


The midrange speaker housed in the middle portion of the Quasar is made from an extremely lightweight, yet stiff material called TeXtreme. Due to the material's makeup, Ex Machina has been able to create a cone that works perfectly in tandem with a free-standing tweeter, a first in monitor design. While many designers go for aluminum tweeters, the Quasar employs a material called GrapheneQ, which has a better stiffness to weight ratio that makes for a super-wide sweet spot.


While the smaller Pulsar only employs one subwoofer, the Quasar packs two into its slim-yet-tall frame. For these subwoofers, Ex Machina teamed with SEAS for an exclusive 22cm subwoofer with large magnets, voice coils and symmetrical suspension. The subwoofer's aluminum alloy diaphragms allow for a 28mm of linear peak to peak excursion and can be pushed to 56mm before being damaged. If you have clients that love to push out low end, the Quasar is certainly dressed to impress them.

Amplification and DSP

Another way the Quasar improves upon the design of the Pulsar is with more power. The monitor employs Class D amplifiers from Second Generation Hypex Ncore, and nearly doubles up the power by offering 500W RMS Subwoofer, 100W midrange, and 100W RMS tweeter. Ex Machina also uses one SHARC DSP for each loudspeaker to power its digital crossovers and protection limiters, in addition to AKM Velvet Sound converters and a low jitter clock for smooth conversion.

S/N and Calibration Tag

What makes everything inside the Quasar work in harmony? Ex Machina has incorporated a serial number specific set of measurements for each monitor that the brand creates. When a monitor has been finished and is preparing to be shipped, it goes through an in-house calibration process that linearizes the unit's frequency response and phase response. This means that each monitor created by Ex Machina matches exactly with every other monitor the brand has created.


  • Suited for most near and mid-field monitoring setups
  • Out of this world imaging
  • Tight, focused, foundation-shaking low-end
  • Coaxial 3-way dies gin
  • Sealed cabinet for punchier more accurate sound
  • Cutting edge materials science
  • GrapheneQ tweeters by OraSound
  • Textreme midrange diaphragms by Oxeon
  • Custom 8" low-frequency drivers by SEAS
  • Proprietary DSP correction of both phase and magnitude linearity
  • Ultra-low distortion
  • Hypex NCore Class D amplificaiton

Product Specifications

Condition New
Width 11.4 in
Depth 15.6 in
Height 29.2 in
Unit Weight 89 lb
Active or Passive Active
Monitor Application Mid-Field, Near-Field
Speaker Configuration Three-Way
Driver Sizes LF: Two 8” aluminum alloy subwoofers; MF: 6.5” Textreme thin-ply woven carbon fiber; HF: 1” Ora GrapheneQ tweeter
Number of Speakers Pair
Amp Wattage Hypex Ncore 500 W RMS subwoofer, 100 W midrange, 100 W RMS tweeter
Max. SPL 110 dB @ 30 Hz

Product Reviews

5 out of 5 stars.
Review Count (2)

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I am responsible for every aspect of producing the scores I write. I play 90 percent of the instruments on the scores. I write, record, and mix everything. I've been doing it this way for 15 years, and I have definitely discovered what I value in music gear, and what kind of tools I need to deliver my best work. For the last decade I've been a ProAc 100 with a Haffler amp user. The flat, unflattering response of the ProAcs made me work hard to achieve the sound I was looking for. Then my good friend, Producer Brian Bender put a seed in my brain. He told me about this great company in Brooklyn called Ex Machina and their flagship monitors : Quasar. I asked him why I should bother to switch and he said something to the effect of : They are flat down to 30hz. So, I get some in the studio plug them in, and my jaw hit the floor. It wasn't the experience of "wow, what fun, let's listen to a bunch of great records" It was more like "Oh Damn, I'm literally INSIDE my music and I can hear exactly what I need to do to improve my sound, let's get to work on this cue I've got up in Logic!" I listened to the speakers for about 5 minutes before I just got to work. I mix and create my sounds as I write. I use a lot of synths, but I play a lot of stuff myself as well : Contrabass Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Bass, Bari, Tenor and Alto Saxophones, Guitarviol, Guitars and Percussion as well. I sculpt the sound in my DAW. So, having such a clear picture of what I'm doing in my workstation helps me make cooler sounds. Quasars are a major tool that help me accomplish this. They are the best thing I've bought for my studio in a decade.

By Justin M on June 21, 2021

These monitors makes Barefoot, ATC and other brands up there sound like a cheap monitor.. These monitors are the most revealing and honest monitors I have ever heard

By Simon on December 10, 2020

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