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EAB / Geiling 12 Channel Tube Console #134 (Vintage)

– No Longer Available
Rare vintage 60's tube console
EAB / Geiling 12 Channel Tube Console #134 (Vintage)
EAB / Geiling 12 Channel Tube Console #134 (Vintage) EAB / Geiling 12 Channel Tube Console #134 (Vintage) EAB / Geiling 12 Channel Tube Console #134 (Vintage) EAB / Geiling 12 Channel Tube Console #134 (Vintage) EAB / Geiling 12 Channel Tube Console #134 (Vintage) EAB / Geiling 12 Channel Tube Console #134 (Vintage)
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Rare vintage 60's tube console with sweet smooth tube sound and direct outs added.

Beautiful condition desk made for the German broadcast market. Only 300 of these babies were ever made, and it is rare to find one on the market. Sweet and smooth tube sound, like having a sidecar full of V72/V76 mic pre's with 3 band Pultec type tube EQ on every channel! Mic pre sound big and open with 60DB of gain. EQ has rich low end, selectable frequency mids with sweet, open top end shelf.

Four of the twelve input channels have pan pots, while eight inputs can only be assigned to left or right busses. The best way to use the desk for mixing would be to send 4x stereo stems to the 8 channels with no pan and 4 by signals that need placement in the stereo field up the 4 channels with panning. Direct outs have been added to each channel. (included is an amplifier & output transformer per channel to achieve the correct direct out level)

EAB was a German competitor of Telefunken, and specialized in portable consoles for the broadcast TV market.


  • 12x Tube mic pre/EQ, incl:
  • Gain – 0 to 60 dB in 10 dB steps
  • Hi frequencies: 1, 1.4, 2, 2.8, 4, 5.6 kHz in 2, 4, 6, 8 dB gain steps
  • High shelf: 10kHz: -12 to + 9 dB gain stepped
  • Low shelf 50Hz: -12 to + 9 dB gain stepped
  • High-pass 40 and 120 Hz
  • Pre and post- listen
  • 12x Passive reverb sends
  • 2x Master faders
  • 2x Light meters
  • 2x PSU built-in
  • 1x Oscillator - .06, 1, 7, 14 kHz
  • Monitor to Cue and Studio from stereo channels and external inputs

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Additional Information

Condition Used / Vintage
Analog or Digital Analog
Channels 12-Channel
Channel Inserts No
Direct Outputs No
DAW Control No
Automation Included No
Patch Bay Included No

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