Dynaudio 18S Dual 9.5" Powered Studio Subwoofer

Dual 9.5" powered 500 W studio subwoofer with monitor-system-integration DSP and built-in 3-band EQ
MFR# 18S
Dynaudio 18S Dual 9.5" Powered Studio Subwoofer
Dynaudio 18S Dual 9.5" Powered Studio Subwoofer Dynaudio 18S Dual 9.5" Powered Studio Subwoofer Dynaudio 18S Dual 9.5" Powered Studio Subwoofer


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Adding the Dynaudio 18S Dual 9.5" Powered Studio Subwoofer to your monitors will open up a new world of performance that lets you mix and master with painstaking accuracy, delivering tracks that translate beautifully to any playback system.

Dynaudio have applied advanced DSP modeling technology that acoustically matches 18S to any Dynaudio Pro Studio Monitor from BM Classic, LYD and upwards, turning two-way systems into three-way set-ups. Its punch is delivered by two brand-new MSP+ Hybrid Drive units and a 500 W amp for absolute control and power.

Getting the 18S to match seamlessly with Dynaudio's professional monitors is key for absolute accuracy when mixing and mastering. That has meant assessing the acoustic characteristics of each of Dynauido's popular high-end studio speakers and creating custom performance maps for each one. And it’s future-proof: when Dynaudio adds new studio speakers to the line-up, they will release a firmware update for the 18S to add their performance maps – so it can grow along with your needs and equipment.

With this information at its disposal, the 18S’s display and menu system lets you select the specific Dynaudio speakers you’re using in your monitoring setup. This means the roll-off can be tailored perfectly to suit. And, if you combine a LYD 48 stereo or surround setup, you’ll essentially have a full-blown four-way monitoring system at your disposal.

The 18S has a selection of RCA or XLR connections for flexibility with your studio setup, and comes with a number of handy features to help more advanced systems too. This includes the ability to set a time delay to ensure the sub and speakers are working perfectly in sync: all you need to do is enter the distance from the sub to the speakers and the sub adjusts itself automatically using both time and phase delays.

There’s also a full three-filter parametric EQ to easily defeat room modes that could affect the accuracy of your final recording.

MSP+ Hybrid Drive

Dynaudio have designed a brand-new driver for the 18S. This one is made from aluminum rather than the standard Magnesium Silicate Polymer material. It has paper backing and an MSP dust-cap on the front. Why the sandwich? Because a subwoofer requires a different balance between stiffness, lightness and damping than standard speaker drivers.

The new MSP+ Hybrid Drive units have been designed specifically with subwoofers in mind for the best performance possible. Adding 18S to your monitors will open up a new world of performance that lets you mix and master with painstaking accuracy… and deliver tracks that translate beautifully to any playback system.

The 18S comes with presets designed to work with the following Dynaudio monitors:

  • BM6 Classic
  • BM15 Classic
  • LYD 5
  • LYD 7
  • LYD 8
  • LYD 48
  • M5P


  • 500-watt state-of-the-art Class D amplifier module
  • Dual 9.5in MSP+ Hybrid Drive long-throw woofers for accurate low-end frequency reproduction
  • Advanced DSP with presets for a wide range of Dynaudio Pro studio monitors
  • Preset speaker crossover filters
  • Time alignment for adjusting according to position
  • Three-band, built-in Parametric EQ
  • Dual opposing driver design principle
  • 16 - 230 Hz frequency range
  • Master/Slave feature for daisy-chaining multiple subwoofers

Additional Information

Condition New
Width 447 mm
Depth 268 mm
Height 300 mm
Unit Weight 45.2 lb
Active or Passive Active
driver_sizes 2x 9.5" driver
Number of Speakers Single
Input Connectors Analog XLR, RCA
Amp Wattage 500 W Class D
Frequency Range 16 Hz - 230 Hz
Max. SPL 110 dB

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