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A Japanese imprint known for working on the legendary Dumble amps, Shin’s Music Dumbloid pedals have come as a result of Shin Suzuki’s work with the hard to replicate iconic sounds of the Dumble. All handmade, the Dumbloid pedals take a comprehensive stab at nailing the tone of rare vintage amps that would otherwise easily cost tens of thousands to snag. Utilizing years of knowledge and wisdom from servicing the Dumbles of yesteryear, Shin Suzuki delivers both the Standard and Special Dumbloid pedals, allowing for access to different voicings of the often customized sound people recognize as the 'Dumble sound'.

With the same four controls on each model, the Shin Dumbloid pedals utilize Drive, Accent, Tone and Volume controls to access an incredibly wide range of nuanced tones. Pedal builder Suzuki has been renowned since the 1990’s for his unmatched work on often custom built Dumble pieces, and the pedals that resulted are proof of the builder’s in depth understanding of how unmatched Dumble sounds are achieved. Super responsive and extremely touch sensitive, the Dumbloid pedals do a world class job of delivering the “amp in a pedal” strategy of design. Garnering acclaim by Brad Paisley and John Mayer amongst other notable names, the line of pedals has become incredibly popular and sports quite the cult following.

An almost mystical aura results from the little known about the company, but the key takeaway is the master level recreation of otherwise totally unattainable sounds lusted after by today’s best guitarists. If you can even find one in today’s market, a Dumble amp runs buyers well over fifty grand. By contrast, the Dumbloid pedals can be scooped for about $600, representing a very premium pedal build while still opening doors to otherwise cost preventative tones. With a raving resale market and devoted base of users, it’s clear Shin’s Music nails an almost impossible task with their pedals – breathing life into rare, unobtainable amp sounds we know and love. So don’t wait! Order your Dumbloid gear here or browse our full selection of branded gear to find the perfect products for your studio.