Dreadbox G-System

Eurorack system includes: Gamma, Alpha, Omikron, Lamda, Delta, Theta
Dreadbox G-System
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The Dreadbox G System is a modular case bundle that includes...

Alpha module

  • 2 ADSR envelope generators with offset depth control, rate switch (fast-slow)
  • MIDI to CV gate and paraphony Convertor (with separate Glide controls)
  • Modulation Wheel to CV Convertor
  • DIP switch for Midi Channel Select / Envelope retrigger / Unison-Paraphony

Gamma module

  • Synth Voice
  • Its Unique Oscillator is consisted of 6 sawtooth VCOs
  • It can produce from fat bass to space noise sounds
  • 2-pole 12dB self-oscillating state variable filter
  • Dual VCA

Omikron module

  • 2 oscillators with 4 waves each
  • Pulse Width modulation input
  • Audio interface
  • Sub wave generator
  • Audio to Gate generator
  • Audio to Sync convertor
  • Audio can sync the VCO

Lamda module

  • 8-pole 48dB state variable filter
  • Dual Resonance frequencies
  • Filter types
  • 2pole Low Pass (single resonance frequency)
  • 4pole High Pass (single resonance frequency)
  • 8pole Low Pass
  • 8pole High Pass
  • 8pole Band Pass
  • 8pole Notch
  • OTA Drive Circuit
  • Filter can be pre-driven with high input levels

Delta module

  • Dual Digital Parallel Lo-Fi Delay
  • Wet output for both delays
  • Time modulation for both delays

Theta module

  • Simple Dual LFO
  • Sample & Hold
  • White Noise Generator
  • Auto Gate generator (Clock with variable PW and Tap Tempo)

Additional Information

Condition New
Chassis Eurorack Modular
Connector Type 3.5mm

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