Crane Song Solaris Quantum D/A Converter

19-inch stand-alone digital to analog converter using the latest Quantum D/A technology
Crane Song Solaris Quantum D/A Converter
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The Crane Song Solaris Quantum D/A is a 19-inch stand-alone digital to analog converter using the latest Quantum D/A technology and uses 32 bit a converter and ASRC for jitter reduction up sampling to 211KHz.


  • Analog Outputs
    • Main Output: Discrete output amplifier with a stepped attenuator and a max output of +24dBu
    • Secondary Output: Balanced, with a fixed level and an output of +18dBu
    • Headphone Output/Amplifier: With stepped attenuator
  • LCD Function Display:
    • Shows input source
    • Sample rate
    • Level metering
  • Digital Inputs:
    • Up to 192k
    • AES
    • SPDIF
    • Optical
    • USB

Additional Information

Condition New
Chassis 19-in Rackmount
Rack Spaces 1u

The Crane Song Solaris DA, it fits my system perfectly, which is increasingly getting smaller and more high end.
I did extensive comparisons of D/As here, and while its very difficult to directly compare - the Solaris has an amazing linearity to the midrange, and theres not the lower midrange bump like there the other DAC I tried. The big selling point for me was when doing ITB mixes for TV, using the USB on the Solaris and using its stepped attenuator - the image and sound doesnt suck away at super low levels. So, therefore - I can mix at a lower volume and still feel satisfied. Its not a warm converter, but my mixes are translating even better now because it feels honest. At first I thought it was super bright, but its really just a feeling that the sound is right.

By Jonathan Thomas Miller, Composer on June 20, 2017

I documented my journey over on the Gearslutz site, but briefly:
After purchasing the Solaris here I had a chance to do a head to head shootout with the Dangerous Convert-2 and the Crane Song Solaris. The Convert-2 had been burned in much longer, but after just four days of continuous burn in with active signal, the Solaris was clearly the next level of clarity, transparency and musicality. In the end, the choice was easy.

You owe it to yourselves to try one of these. Just be sure to burn it in with signal for at least four days. My test system:
Amphion Two18 speakers
Amphion Amp500 amplifier

The Solaris gets my highest recommendation.

By Jonathan on October 24, 2016

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