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CEDAR Audio Adaptive Filter Pack for Cambridge

Improved adaptive filter pack (v2) for Cambridge host system

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Product Description

Version 2 of CEDAR's Adaptive Filter Pack represents another significant upgrade.  Introducing CEDAR's proprietary 'Out Of Band' capability, these filters allow users to retain much more of the energy associated with sibilants and fricatives to maximise the intelligibility of the speech.  This makes CEDAR's adaptive filters far more effective than those that analyse and filter the whole signal in a single frequency band.

The Single Channel Adaptive Filter removes many forms of interference and background noise, making speech signals more listenable and more intelligible, aiding transcription and making recordings more presentable for the courtroom and juries.  Alongside this, the Single Channel Lattice Filter digs deeper into a noisy recording and is capable of extracting more fricative sounds and consonants that would otherwise be buried in noise.

The Cross Channel Adaptive Filter eliminates the masking effects of televisions, radio broadcasts and other measures used to obscure conversations, while the Cross Channel Lattice Filter, the most powerful of these filters, can make voices clearly audible and intelligible even when they are barely apparent in the original audio.  To maximise the efficacy of the cross channel filters, the Time Align Module provid