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A trusted choice for over 40 years, Canare delivers a host of professional cabling needs within the A/V industry, including BNC, RCA, SMPTE format cables for video and audio production needs. More than just cabling, the company brings products like reels and patchbays to market as well, ensuring an entire suite of reliable and proven broadcast and live event products from the brand. Canare audio cable has long been a top choice in the touring industry, boasting incredibly reliable braided and shielded cable that stands up to both extreme weather and things like handling/RFI noise. A top choice for broadcast houses and venues alike, Canare cable continues to prove a level of quality and resilience that make the brand stand out.

Founded in Japan in 1970, Canare has gone on to innovate with product lines like the Star Quad cabling series, utilizing “double balanced” 4 conductor construction that delivers 1/10th the noise found in other standard cabling. Offering video solutions as well, HFO Canare cable for video cameras has become an incredibly popular choice for broadcast installations, utilizing fiber optic technology. Rounding the offerings off with a host of reliable connectors, patch panels and bays, Canare works to be a premium 1 stop solution for the needs of high end A/V operations.

Diversifying their cabling offerings, Canare now offers solutions for 12G, COP system, HFO, EO format cabling and even more. As a result of the high spec quality as well as the wide, flexible range, Canare products can be found utilized by sporting stadiums, symphonies, and even Netflix. Continuing to further improve the technology in audio and video connectivity, Canare goes on to offer users some of the best designed, most reliable cabling options on the market – for when things just have to work. So don’t wait! Order your Canare gear here or browse our full selection of branded gear to find the perfect products for your studio.