• The Tape Delay And Echo Of Strymon's Magneto

    Strymon Engineering has been a giant in the pedal world for years, thanks in part to classic releases like the TimeLine, Mobius and BigSky. For the brand's first foray into the modular synth realm, Strymon has brought back a favorite element of the BigSky pedal, dubbed the Magneto.

    The Magneto applies an expanded concept of the pedal setting in modular synth form, as it offers up stereo multi-head tape delay via four playback heads and one record head. This tape delay gives you a looper, phrase sampler, vintage spring reverb unit, phase-aligned clock multiplier, chaotic oscillator, zero latency sub-oscillator and more, in one module. Continue reading

  • iZotope Spire Offers New Take On Recording On The Go

    iZotope recently introduced their new interface, the Spire Studio, which gives users an affordable and efficient way to craft songs just about anywhere they go. Instead of simply using your phone to make a demo, the Spire allows you to capture pristine recordings, mix and share, all within their easy-to-use app.

    Let's talk about the specifics of the interface. The Spire Studio features two Grace Design mic pres with XLR/TS combo jacks and a built-in condenser microphone on the front of the unit. Audio recorded through these inputs can be sent straight to the Spire app on your smartphone or tablet via the interface's wireless connection. No cables, no mess, no stress. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Demos The Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box

    Universal Audio has long been known for their incredible analog and digital creations. The OX Amp Top Box brings together the best of both worlds in an innovative tool that will allow guitarists to take their amp's natural sound to another level.

    At its core, the OX acts as a reactive load attenuator, which gives users the ability to channel their amp's sweet spot and then play at a more reasonable volume without changing your tone. By turning the Speaker Volume, you can adjust your output as necessary to the size of the venue you're in, be it bedroom, theatre or stadium. Continue reading

  • Comparing The New Royer R-10 Ribbon Microphone To The R-121

    Last week I was introduced to the new Royer R-10 Bi-Directional ribbon microphone. The R-10 is very similar to the classic R-121 in design. It’s small and lightweight, which allows you to position the microphone without any intrusion, and utilizes the same ribbon transducer.

    Throughout this blog, we’ll look at what makes each of these microphones special in their own regard and pit them against each other in a shootout on some different guitars and amplifiers. Continue reading

  • Comparing A Vintage Fairchild 670 To The UnderTone Audio UnFairchild 670M

    The Fairchild 660 and 670 vintage compressors are the most sought after and coveted compressors of all time. They have been the top choice for tracking and mix engineers for over five decades because of the signature glow and warmth they add to whatever source you run through them, even if no compression is actually happening. They have been the choice compressor for The Beatles, Pink Floyd, classic Motown records and many more. Loaded with 20 tubes, 14 transformers and miles of wiring, it’s no wonder that the Fairchild has a sound that has been unmatched… Until now.

    UnderTone Audio is a pro audio company run by recording guru Eric Valentine. Valentine has been making records for over 25 years and worked with many of today’s top artists. He has used pretty much every piece of gear on the planet and knows how to create gear that caters to the modern tracking and mix engineer. Engineers such as Greg Wells swear by Valentine’s designs, as Wells traded in his vintage Neve console for one of UnderTone Audio’s custom recording consoles. Continue reading

  • Comparing Universal Audio Plug-Ins To Their Hardware Counterparts

    One of the most common questions we get asked by customers at Vintage King relates to plug-ins and how they stack up against their analog hardware counterparts. In terms of Universal Audio's software replicas, the painstaking care taken to recreate these classic pieces of hardware is beyond obvious when comparing their sonic output. Continue reading

  • Studio Veteran Al Sutton Talks Recording Drums and Guitars

    Over the past few decades, Detroit-based producer and engineer Al Sutton has carved out a niche for himself in the world of rock 'n' roll. From working with legends like John Fogerty and Jerry Lee Lewis to fellow Detroiters like Kid Rock and the Detroit Cobras, Sutton has become renowned for the sounds he's capable of getting at Rust Belt Studios.

    We recently visited Al at Rust Belt to get some insight into how he attacks capturing guitar and drums sounds in the studio. Check out our two new videos below to learn how Al tracks both instruments and find out what microphones and compressors he uses in the process. Continue reading

  • Warren Huart Discusses Mid-Level Monitors With Vintage King


    A few months ago, Warren Huart and Alex Oana visited Vintage King Los Angeles to review and talk about some of their favorite monitors in the price range of $5000 and above. The duo is back with another look at a different price level of monitors and this time they are focusing on comparing pairs that cost anywhere from $1500 to $5000. Continue reading

  • Francesco Cameli Talks The Role Of Pro Tools In His Workflow


    Like many engineers and producers, Francesco Cameli got his start in recording when his band first took to the studio world. As he became ingrained in the process, Cameli began to find that he would rather learn more about recording than actually playing.

    The difference between Cameli and most of his peers was his willingness to create opportunities for himself when there were none present. When he was unable to find work as a studio assistant, the budding music maker invested in his own space and began learning all he could about producing and engineering. Continue reading

  • Warren Huart Shoots Out Five Monitors In New Video


    What's the best way to select a pair of studio monitors? Sit down in a proper listening environment and listen to several different monitors with a mix you are familiar with. Warren Huart and Alex Oana recently teamed up to do just that and put five different monitors through a rigorous shootout. Continue reading

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