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  1. Eric Valentine Breaks Down UnderTone Audio's UNFa-1 Accessory Box

    Eric Valentine Breaks Down UnderTone Audio's UNFa-1 Accessory Box
    Eric Valentine is a beloved record producer and engineer who's had his hands on countless hit records over the years. Throughout 2020, his YouTube series, Making Records, has been a great source of inspiration for those who have been stuck inside and want to learn new skills for recording and mixing. Aside from his work in the studio, Eric also heads up UnderTone Audio. The brand has been manufacturing a wide array of analog-based outboard gear for several years, including the UnFairchild 670 MKII. The UnFairchild is a painstaking recreation of the legendary Fairchild compressor, which sounds incredible and weighs in at a fraction of the cost of an original unit. Continue reading →
  2. Comparing A Vintage Fairchild 670 To The UnderTone Audio UnFairchild 670M

    Comparing A Vintage Fairchild 670 To The UnderTone Audio UnFairchild 670M
    The Fairchild 660 and 670 vintage compressors are the most sought after and coveted compressors of all time. They have been the top choice for tracking and mix engineers for over five decades because of the signature glow and warmth they add to whatever source you run through them, even if no compression is actually happening. They have been the choice compressor for The Beatles, Pink Floyd, classic Motown records and many more. Loaded with 20 tubes, 14 transformers and miles of wiring, it’s no wonder that the Fairchild has a sound that has been unmatched… Until now. UnderTone Audio is a pro audio company run by recording guru Eric Valentine. Valentine has been making records for over 25 years and worked with many of today’s top artists. He has used pretty much every piece of gear on the planet and knows how to create gear that caters to the modern tracking and mix engineer. Engineers such as Greg Wells swear by Valentine’s designs, as Wells traded in his vintage Neve console for one of UnderTone Audio’s custom recording consoles. Continue reading →
  3. UnderTone Audio Releases The UnFairchild Compressor

    UnderTone Audio Releases The UnFairchild Compressor
    Under the banner of UnderTone Audio, famed producer and engineer Eric Valentine (Queens of the Stone Age, Slash) has released an incredible new compressor, the UnFairchild. This painstaking replica of the Fairchild 660/670 has long been in the works and is finally available from Vintage King. We sold out of our first batch of UnFairchilds in April, but you can be in on the next shipment if you order yours today by clicking here. Continue reading →
  4. Eric Valentine And UnderTone Audio Come To Vintage King Nashville

    Eric Valentine And UnderTone Audio Come To Vintage King Nashville
    UnderToneAudio It's no secret that Nashville has fallen head over heels for UnderTone Audio and their incredible gear. In an effort to bring even more converts over to UTA, we're having Eric Valentine come into Vintage King Nashville for a live demo event that will showcase the capabilities of the MPEQ-1 and MPDI-4. Continue reading →
  5. UnderTone Audio Unleashes New Videos Of The MPDI-4

    UnderTone Audio Unleashes New Videos Of The MPDI-4
    UnderToneAudio When famed producer Eric Valentine (Third Eye Blind/Queens of the Stone Age/The Dwarves) couldn't find the console that he needed to fit his workflow, he set about building his own under the banner of UnderTone Audio. After successfully building several desks, Valentine utilized the technology he created with co-founder Larry Jasper to create two unique pieces of rackmount gear, the MPEQ-1 and MPDI-4. Continue reading →
  6. The Sound Behind UnderToneAudio's MPEQ-1 And MPDI-4

    The Sound Behind UnderToneAudio's MPEQ-1 And MPDI-4
    UnderToneAudio Through Midnight on October 26th, 2015, we'll be offering 10% off UnderToneAudio's MPEQ-1 and MPDI-4. Read on to discover what will make these channel strips essential elements of your recording and mixing processes. "It started when I was faced with this issue," says UnderToneAudio co-owner and famed producer Eric Valentine. "Nobody was building a recording console that was going to work for me." Finding himself without a console to mix on, Valentine teamed with engineer Larry Jasper to create their own from scratch. Continue reading →
  7. Eric Valentine PT. 2: The MPEQ-1 And UnderTone Audio's Future

    Eric Valentine PT. 2: The MPEQ-1 And UnderTone Audio's Future
    mpeq1When Vintage King last caught up with UnderTone Audio co-founder and famed producer Eric Valentine, we talked about the birth of the brand and his start in the world of building gear. The focus of our conversation now turns towards UTA's MPEQ-1 rack unit, a Class A mic preamp and EQ, based on Valentine's original console design. As UTA's product base shifts from consoles to outboard gear like the MPEQ-1, the ideal behind the products still remains the same. The focus remains on creating products that are uncompromising and fit Valentine's specific needs, all the while knowing that as long as there are others who require flexible gear, UTA will be around for years to come. Continue reading →
  8. Eric Valentine PT. 1: The Birth of Undertone Audio

    Eric Valentine PT. 1: The Birth of Undertone Audio
    EricValentineUndertone As one of the most notable studio minds of his generation, Eric Valentine has mixed, produced and engineered the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Good Charlotte, The All-American Rejects, Slash and more. Yet, since 2004, Valentine has also taken an interest in building and creating his own gear. Under the banner of UnderToneAudio, Valentine and his team of techs have taken these creations out of the basement and made them a viable commodity for anyone interested in great recording equipment. In honor of the new relationship between Vintage King and UnderTone, Eric Valentine sat down for a chat with VK and talked all things recording. Continue reading →

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