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  1. Buyer's Guide: Trinnov Audio

    Buyer's Guide: Trinnov Audio
    For nearly 20 years, Trinnov Audio has been helping studios, post-production facilities and even cinemas optimize their sonic performance. How are they achieving this? By offering powerful room calibration and correction systems that ensure your monitors and room are offering an accurate representation of your audio output. In this Buyer's Guide, we'll take a closer look at how Trinnov Audio’s versatile hardware and innovative software can help improve your workflow. No matter whether you're working out of a large-scale commercial facility or a home studio, there is a solution from Trinnov that will fit your needs and keep your clients happy with your work. Continue reading →
  2. Sound on Sound Explores Trinnov Audio ST2 Pro Processor With In-Depth Review

    Sound on Sound Explores Trinnov Audio ST2 Pro Processor With In-Depth Review
    Since Trinnov Audio was founded in 2003, the brand has been improving the way we experience sound, both out in the world and in our recording/mixing facilities. Their approach is two-fold. Trinnov's impressive room correction technology helps acoustically optimize the monitors and room that audio is created in, while also allowing users to replicate listening environments like theatres and PA systems. One of the keys to the Trinnov universe is the ST2 Pro. This monitor and room optimizer features four simultaneous processing channels, which supports any stereo speaker set-up with one or two subwoofers or bi-amp system. The ST2 Pro gives users the data and tools to set the target curve of their monitors and optimize the global acoustic response. And this is just the tip of the Trinnov iceberg... Continue reading →
  3. All Sound Upgrades Workflow With Gear From Avid, ADAM Audio And Trinnov Audio

    All Sound Upgrades Workflow With Gear From Avid, ADAM Audio And Trinnov Audio
    All Sound is a North Hollywood-based post-production space helmed by Nick Couscouris, a veteran in recording and mixing for advertising campaigns, films, TV shows, sports and more. Prior to his recent work on Happy Ending With Nando Vila and A Quiet Place, Couscouris teamed up with Vintage King's Chris Bolitho to bring in an incredible package of new gear to All Sound. Dubbing his workflow as "streamlined with constant creativity," it was clear from the beginning that Couscouris wanted a set-up that would enable him to work quickly and keep ideas flowing. With that in mind, Bolitho and Couscouris envisioned a centerpiece in the new space with two Avid S3 control surfaces flanked by two Avid Docks. Each surface alone is a powerful tool, but the combination of the two enables you to use some timesaving custom controls. Continue reading →
  4. Utilizing The Trinnov ST2 Pro In A Project Studio

    Utilizing The Trinnov ST2 Pro In A Project Studio
    Over the last couple of months, I’ve had the chance to sit in on two Trinnov ST2 Pro installations and detailed listening sessions. When you’re working in a room that isn’t treated properly, most of the time you don’t even notice the problems, you just get used to them and work with what you have. This is where the old car test and listening on multiple sets of speakers in different listening environments came into play. Most of the time when the song leaves your mixing room for the first time, you often say, “Wow, there is way too much bass” or “Where did all the bass go?” Continue reading →
  5. Five Ways Trinnov D-Mon Will Supercharge Your Studio

    Five Ways Trinnov D-Mon Will Supercharge Your Studio
    Do you trust your monitoring environment? Do your mixes translate as you expect them to? For most of us, the likely answer is “no”, or at best, “somewhat”. If you think the problem might be your monitors or room acoustics, you’re right, but that doesn't necessarily mean your gear or space needs a complete overhaul. Continue reading →
  6. Trinnov Provides Studio Vet Don Setaro With The Essentials For Mixing

    Trinnov Provides Studio Vet Don Setaro With The Essentials For Mixing
    DonSetaroTrinov Fascinated from childhood by music and the technology of recording, Don Setaro got his start by creating his own recording studio in the mid 1970s. In the time since, the Northern California based producer and engineer has moved on to tracking at Prairie Sun Recording Studio, Fantasy Studios and 25th Street Recording, but continues to do his mixing work in his own studio. Despite the comforts of working in his own space, Don's studio wasn't tailor made for listening to mixes properly. To combat his issues, he reached out to Vintage King's Alex Oana, whose solution was to utilize Trinnov Audio's ST2 Pro Optimizer to create a better listening environment. We recently caught up with Don to talk about how the ST2 and Trinnov software have helped ease Don's mixing process and create better audio results. Continue reading →
  7. Dan Pinder Discovers The Magic Of Trinnov Audio Gear

    Dan Pinder Discovers The Magic Of Trinnov Audio Gear
    TrinnovPinderThe world of creating and editing music for the film industry is a completely different beast from most other positions in the recording industry. Filled with days and nights in unique studio situations that offer varying sonic results, the most stable way to confirm an excellent end product is by having the gear you know and trust at your disposal. Yet, what happens when that equipment seemingly leads you astray? For Dan Pinder, he turned to Vintage King to help him find the answer. As a music editor on major film projects like The Dark Knight, Turbo, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and countless others, Pinder has grown accustomed to a life of moving from studio to studio. However, as his monitoring situation began to cause stress in his workflow, the England native consulted with our own Bill Learned about using gear from Trinnov Audio to fix his issues. Discover how the duo tackled Dan's monitor issues and gave him confidence in the speakers that he already had been using in his mobile studio set-up. Continue reading →
  8. Vintage King Brings Moog Music, Trinnov Audio and Barefoot Sound To Game Developers Conference 2016

    Vintage King Brings Moog Music, Trinnov Audio and Barefoot Sound To Game Developers Conference 2016
    GameDevelopersConference The video game industry has been consistently on the rise since the late 1980s with more and more music makers lending their talents to creating in-game audio. For those just breaking into the video game genre and industry veterans alike, there is no better event to attend than the annual Game Developers Conference. Held in San Francisco, the 30th Game Developers Conference brings together the brightest creators, gear makers and beyond to the Moscone Center for five days of all things gaming related. Continue reading →
  9. Vintage King Shows Off Trinnov Audio At AES Event

    Vintage King Shows Off Trinnov Audio At AES Event
    Trinnov1 It's that time again, AES is nearly here and we're headed to New York for another weekend of amazing pro audio gear. For AES 2015, we're presenting an opportunity to see and hear the revolutionary monitor controller, room correction and metering systems from French innovators Trinnov. The event will be hosted at Fab Dupont’s Flux Studios on Friday, October 30th from 4 PM to 6 PM. Continue reading →
  10. Trinnov D-Mon 8 Introduces Superior Monitor Control

    Trinnov D-Mon 8 Introduces Superior Monitor Control
    trinnov_d_mon_8Trinnov Audio, one of the world leaders in helping create quality audio options, has once again brought more unique abilities to studios looking to utilize monitor processors. The company's latest tool, the D-Mon 8 VO, allows users even more advanced monitor control options with any type of studio workflow. Whether you use analog, control surfaces or a DAW, you'll be able to seamlessly control your monitor set-up in a way like never before. Continue reading →

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