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  • First Listen: Antelope Audio Edge Strip

    It’s a very interesting time in the recording industry. The landscape is drastically changing as digital modeling technology comes closer and closer to recreating the sound of the analog classics we all know and love.

    Over the past year, I’ve had the chance to use some of the top modeling microphones and preamp systems including the Universal Audio Unison preamps, Townsend Labs Sphere microphone, Slate VMS microphone and now the Antelope Audio Edge Strip. There hasn’t been a system that’s let me down yet. In my opinion, it would be hard to find a more versatile microphone for under $1,500 than the Antelope, Slate or Townsend Labs.

    Although the modeling technology has gotten really close to the real deal, there’s still a difference in the overall vibe and sonic characteristics, so don’t start selling off your classic mics just yet. But if you’re looking to add another classic mic flavor to some of your upcoming recordings without breaking the bank, I highly recommend trying out one of these systems.

    I’ve always been a big fan of Antelope Audio products. They make some of the best clocks on the market, and over the past couple years have released some incredible sounding interfaces that have a good deal of I/O at a reasonable price point including the Discrete 4, Discrete 8, Orion Studio, Orion 32+, Zen Studio and the Goliath HD. Continue reading

  • First Listen: Black Box MM-1 Mic Preamp

    One of the best parts of my position at Vintage King is being able to try new preamps I would normally never get the chance to use. A few weeks ago I was introduced to the Black Box MM-1 and immediately became a huge fan.

    The MM-1 is a unique all-tube preamp with two gain stages and custom wound input and output transformers, allowing independent control of the Pentode and Triode stages and the ability to blend between the two. The potentiometers aren’t stepped, which allows the smallest tweaks on either side to drastically reshape the tone. Continue reading

  • First Listen: ADAM Audio T Series Monitors

    If you’re looking for a quality set of active studio monitors on a budget, look no further than ADAM Audio. Over the past week, I've got to spend some quality time with their new line of T Series studio monitors, the T7V and T5V. I’m pretty blown away with how ADAM Audio was able to provide such quality sound at such a friendly price point.

    When you’re first starting out, you more than likely don’t have an insane budget for professional grade monitors, so you try and get the best ones you can and make due with what you have. Of all the monitors I’ve tried in this price range, I personally think the new line of ADAM Audio speakers far surpasses anything in their class. Continue reading

  • First Listen: Chase Bliss Audio Condor

    The Chase Bliss Audio Condor is a fantastic new pedal that gives us the ability to shape the necessary frequencies for our source to sit as it should within a mix. On the front panel it reads, “Condor, Analog EQ / Pre / Filter” and it is absolutely just that, but it’s what you do with it that makes it unlike any other tone shaping device out there. Continue reading

  • First Listen: A Review Of The Trident A-Range 500 EQ

    The Trident A-Range console is known for having one of the most beloved EQs of all time. So it wasn't such a surprise when the Trident team announced at the NAMM Show 2018 that they would be bringing the classic EQ to lunchbox racks around the world with the release of the Trident A-Range 500 EQ.

    Why is there so much love for the Trident A-Range EQ? Its unique design sets it apart from any other EQ due to its use of faders rather than stepped potentiometers for gain adjustment. It also doesn't hurt that Trident A-Range desks were used in the making of Lou Reed’s Transformer, David Bowie’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and many more classic records.  Continue reading

  • First Listen: A Review of the Retro Instruments Revolver

    With the release of their latest creation, the RevolverRetro Instruments has done it once again by reviving a beloved studio staple and updating it for the modern workflow. Just like other Retro Instrument releases in the past, the vintage vibe extends far beyond the Revolver's classic looking exterior.  

    Based on the legendary modded Altec 436, the Revolver is a dual-channel, all tube compressor that has been hand-built in the USA with that classic British tone. It’s also loaded with expanded features, making it a compressor that works in any stage from tracking to mastering. Continue reading

  • First Listen: A Review of the Universal Audio Arrow Interface

    Universal Audio just announced a brand new interface called the Arrow that features the same sonic qualities and flexibility as their larger Apollo units. The Arrow features a single UAD-2 DSP chip, two Unison mic preamps, a Hi-Z input and comes in a small sleek package that routes audio and power through a single Thunderbolt-3 cable on both Macs and PCs. Continue reading

  • First Listen: A Review of the UK Sound 1173

    BAE recently announced that they would be releasing a new product line under the banner of UK Sound. The brand’s first product, the UK Sound 1173, is the combination of a Neve 1073 style preamp and Universal Audio/Urei 1176 style compressor in a single space rack module.

    For the design, world-renowned tracking and mix engineer Warren Huart (The Fray, Aerosmith, Korn) teamed up with BAE and gear designer Michael Stucker to help bring the best of both worlds into a single piece of hardware.

    Watch our demo video of the UK Sound 1173 and continue reading below to see a full review of this mic pre and compressor combo. Continue reading

  • First Listen: A Review Of The Chandler Limited TG OPTO / TG12345 MKIV EQ

    For many years, Chandler Limited has been making some of the highest quality studio equipment available, and is the only company authorized to develop and manufacture the official equipment of EMI/Abbey Road Studios. Their brand new 500 Series modules, the Chandler Limited EMI TG Opto Compressor and Chandler Limited EMI TG12345 MKIV EQ, were recently announced ahead of AES 2017.  

    Paring down elements of Chandler Limited’s TG1 OPTO and Curve Bender into two 500 Series modules, these new pieces trace their lineage back to the TG12345 console. This desk was used at Abbey Road Studios and provided the sounds behind countless hits records such as The Beatles’ Abbey Road and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. Continue reading

  • First Listen: A Review Of The Rupert Neve Designs 535 Diode Bridge Compressor

    Prior to the start of AES week, Rupert Neve Designs announced that they would be releasing a brand new compressor. The 535 Diode Bridge Compressor is comparable to the classic 2254, but comes in a 500 series size module and includes some new features. Continue reading

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