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  • Make Noise Rene Module Goes Three-Dimensional

    After spending two years on its development, Make Noise has announced the release of a brand new version of the Rene R2 synthesizer module. While the original Rene was a one-channel, two-dimensional Cartesian sequencer, the newly updated module explores for another dimension altogether.

    Based on the coordinate system of mathematician René Descartes, the Make Noise Music Rene R2 is now the world's only 3D Music Sequencer. The module now features a three-channel, three-dimensional sequencer with memory that can hold up to 64 complete STATEs. This gives you access to perform and program on multiple different axis with new all new touch sensing technology. Continue reading

  • Using Chandler Limited's EMI REDD Microphone On Vocals, Drums And More

    The microphone innovations created under the roof at EMI are many of the same principles and techniques that we still apply in the recording studio today. Alan Blumlein, anyone? With the release of their REDD Microphone, Wade Goeke and the Chandler Limited crew are putting EMI microphones on the map once again.

    For the first microphone to be badged with the EMI logo in 50 years, Chandler Limited teamed up with engineers at Abbey Roads Studios. The resulting EMI REDD Microphone is a large diaphragm tube condenser mic that features a vacuum tube based REDD.47 Mic Amplifier circuit directly coupled to a custom handmade premium platinum membrane capsule. Continue reading

  • First Listen: A Review Of The Universal Audio Apollo X Audio Interfaces

    Since its initial release in 2012, the Universal Audio Apollo series has revolutionized the world of digital audio interfaces by offering an impeccable sound at an affordable price. With the announcement of the Universal Audio Apollo X, the brand is once again pushing their flagship interface forward and providing significant upgrades in power, conversion and monitoring.  

    To purchase the Universal Audio Apollo X Series, which is in stock and shipping from Vintage King right now, please click here. To take advantage of best-in-industry trade-in values when upgrading your current Apollo to an Apollo X, please click here. Continue reading

  • Best-In-Industry Apollo Trade-In Values From Vintage King When Upgrading To Apollo X

    Universal Audio is changing the interface game once again with the release of Apollo X. The latest generation of the brand’s flagship interface has been given a significant boost with more processing power, improved conversion, new monitoring options and so much more. Learn more about Apollo X by reading our First Listen review here.

    If you’re already a current Apollo owner and would like to upgrade to the new Apollo X, you’re in luck. Vintage King is offering best-in-industry trade values when upgrading from your current interface. When trading in towards an Apollo X interface, you can receive up to $1,375 in trade value. Continue reading

  • Slate Digital ML-1 Modeling Mic Gets New Vintage Style Body

    For those craving digital emulations of classic microphones through a mic that looks and feels like the real thing, Slate Digital has a surprise for you. Steven Slate has announced today that Slate Digital will be releasing a brand new version of the Slate VMS ML-1 modeling microphone with a new vintage-esque body.

    The Slate Digital VMS ML-1 Vintage Edition takes inspiration from the Neumann U47's classic body, as the size and material of the original ML-1 has been updated. The microphone's new brass body lends size and weight to the microphone, while the new shockmount is a stronger option for carrying the VMS ML-1 Vintage Edition's heftier size. Continue reading

  • Utilizing Audio Over IP With The Burl Audio Mothership And BMB4

    A few months ago, we did a blog on audio over IP systems and their usefulness in the studio, on stage and in post-production or broadcast settings. One of the most interesting AoIP systems on the list was the Burl Audio Mothership, a fully customizable 80-channel AD/DA converter with options for DigiLink, MADI and Dante connections.

    Burl Audio's new BMB4 module extends these connectivity capabilities to the Waves SoundGrid platform for both the B16 Mothership and the B80 Mothership. With 64 I/O channels of Waves SoundGrid connectivity, the BMB4 truly opens up a wide range of options for your workflow, no matter which type of studio or live setting you're working in. Continue reading

  • Adding Color And Warmth To Recordings With The Elysia Skulpter

    The skulpter from elysia is a brand new 500 Series mic pre that offers a wide range of sound options from extremely natural to full-blown color. Whether you're looking for something that stays true to the organic sound of your source or would like to add some warmth to your recordings, this will give you the tools to get the job done.

    Something that sets the elysia skulpter apart from other mic pres on the market is that it has several unique on-board features. If you're looking for additional sounds for your arsenal, this skulpter features two variable saturation/filter stages and a compressor that can offer a finished sound to your recordings before you ever even make it to the mixing phase.

    Continue reading

  • First Listen: Moog Grandmother Synthesizer

    Prior to Moogfest 2018, Moog Music announced the launch of a new synthesizer, the Moog Grandmother. This semi-modular synthesizer features a built-in arpeggiator, sequencer and spring reverb tank, allowing both novices and synth enthusiasts the ability to use the instrument straight out of the box.

    Vintage King is now taking pre-orders for the Moog Grandmother. Please click here to head to our pre-order page and continue below to watch our new demo of the synthesizer. 

    Moog's latest synth features two analog oscillators with four wave shapes each and a hard sync option that lets you sync the second oscillator to the first. These oscillators are based on the version in the Moog MiniMoog. The synthesizer features an easy-to-use arpeggiator and sequencer, which can store up to three sequences with up to 256 notes each. Continue reading

  • Antelope Audio Edge Strip Offers Premium Mic Modeling

    Antelope Audio is offering 10% off the Edge microphone throughout May. See below for more details.

    For over 20 years, Antelope Audio has been dedicated to being a defining force in the worlds of digital and analog audio. With their incredible converters, plug-in models and analog circuit design, they've certainly done just that. The company's new Edge Strip acts as the culmination of all that hard work and innovation.

    As Antelope Audio's entry into the microphone modeling arena, the Edge Strip is made up of three key elements; the Edge Modeling Microphone, the Discrete MP Interface and the AFX plug-ins pack. Throughout this blog, we'll detail how these three work together to give you access to a world of vintage microphones at a fraction of the price. Continue reading

  • The Evolution of the Eventide Harmonizer

    In the early 1980s, New Wave music was all the rage. It blended the explosive, edgy sound of punk rock with the computerized sounds of electronic drum machines and synthesizers. Artists used digital effects to achieve futuristic, otherworldly sounds — many of which were created with the Eventide H910 Harmonizer.

    Eventide has continued to build on the Harmonizer in the years since and with the H9000 now available for pre-order, we wanted to take a more in-depth look at what this piece of gear has done for the music world. Continue on to learn more about the history of the Eventide Harmonizer and the hot new features included on the H9000. Continue reading

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