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  • Sugar Percussion And Vintage King Team Up For Custom Snare Drum

    Jefferson Shallenberger is a master woodworker who's been applying his world-class knowledge and skill to making drums for six years. Under the banner of Sugar Percussion, Jefferson crafts drums that not only sound incredible, but each one is also a unique piece of artwork.

    We recently teamed up with Jefferson to build a snare drum that was specifically meant to be used in the recording studio. The end result is nothing short of magical. Meet the Sugar Percussion Vintage King Edition Snare Drum. This snare has an extremely full sound with warmth, attack and depth that you will love featuring on your recordings. Continue reading

  • Make Noise Introduces Two New Modular Synths Based on 0-Coast

    Over the past few years, Make Noise has become one of the defining leaders of the modular synth movement. Their unique semi-modular synth, the 0-Coast, remains one of our hottest selling synthesizers and has now spawned two modular counterparts, the Contour and Dynamix. Continue reading

  • AMS Neve Debuts 1073SPX at AES 2017

    AES always means lots of exciting gear debuts and AMS Neve has not disappointed in the lead up to the 2017 event. Yesterday, AMS Neve announced that it will be releasing the new 1073SPX, which matches the exact specs of the original 1073, but comes with some exciting modern features. Continue reading

  • Chandler Limited Adds Two New EMI Modules To 500 Series Line

    Chandler Limited, the only brand authorized to develop official equipment from EMI/Abbey Road Studios, has kicked off AES week with a bang. The brand announced two new additions to their EMI/Abbey Road Studios 500 Series line, including the Chandler Limited EMI TG Opto Compressor and Chandler Limited EMI TG12345 MKIV EQ. Continue reading

  • First Listen: A Review Of The Rupert Neve Designs 535 Diode Bridge Compressor

    Prior to the start of AES week, Rupert Neve Designs announced that they would be releasing a brand new compressor. The 535 Diode Bridge Compressor is comparable to the classic 2254, but comes in a 500 series size module and includes some new features. Continue reading

  • Comparing The New Royer R-10 Ribbon Microphone To The R-121

    Last week I was introduced to the new Royer R-10 Bi-Directional ribbon microphone. The R-10 is very similar to the classic R-121 in design. It’s small and lightweight, which allows you to position the microphone without any intrusion, and utilizes the same ribbon transducer.

    Throughout this blog, we’ll look at what makes each of these microphones special in their own regard and pit them against each other in a shootout on some different guitars and amplifiers. Continue reading

  • What Is Waves SoundGrid And Why Do Studios Need It?

    When talking to colleagues in the studio world and comparing how we move audio from one room to another, the terminology that often comes up includes Dante, Sound Connect and AVB. However, if you talk to a live sound engineer, you’re more than likely to hear them mention the term SoundGrid.

    By using SoundGrid technology from Waves, live sound engineers are able to network audio from one console to another and take advantage of plug-in processing DSP at the same time. If this is the case, why is it that predominantly live sound engineers are the only ones taking advantage of SoundGrid? If it works so well, why aren’t more studios utilizing it as being a network audio protocol? Continue reading

  • First Listen: A Review of the Soyuz SU-023 Bomblet

    The SU-023 Bomblet is the newest in a long line of high quality, handmade mics by the brand, Soyuz Microphones. Every Bomblet is 100% hand-made in house by master machinists in Russia, including the mic’s capsule, which is modeled after the vintage 19A19 LOMO microphone. The capsule’s unique character comes from it’s triple back plate system which sets it apart from any other capsule in production.

    This new FET condenser microphone also sports a unique circuit which was modeled around the original schematic designed by Soyuz’ own radio electronics engineer, Valery Nikolaevich. The SU-023 Bomblet’s transformer is hand wound at their factory and uses a specially designed toroidal core. Continue reading

  • Comparing A Vintage Fairchild 670 To The UnderTone Audio UnFairchild 670M

    The Fairchild 660 and Fairchild 670 vintage compressors are the most sought after and coveted compressors of all time. They have been the top choice for tracking and mix engineers for over five decades because of the signature glow and warmth they add to whatever source you run through them, even if no compression is actually happening. They have been the choice compressor for The Beatles, Pink Floyd, classic Motown records and many more. Loaded with 20 tubes, 14 transformers and miles of wiring, it’s no wonder that the Fairchild has a sound that has been unmatched… Until now.

    UnderTone Audio is a pro audio company run by recording guru Eric Valentine. Valentine has been making records for over 25 years and worked with many of today’s top artists. He has used pretty much every piece of gear on the planet and knows how to create gear that caters to the modern tracking and mix engineer. Engineers such as Greg Wells swear by Valentine’s designs, as Wells traded in his vintage Neve console for one of UnderTone Audio’s custom recording consoles. Continue reading

  • First Listen: A Review of the Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box

    Last week I was lucky enough to sit in on a demo of the newest product from Universal Audio, The OX Amp Top Box. Universal Audio has been setting the standards of analog gear in professional recording studios for decades (see the 1176 or LA-2A), but they have spent more and more time recently in the digital realm. Continue reading

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