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  • iZotope Spire Offers New Take On Recording On The Go

    iZotope recently introduced their new interface, the Spire Studio, which gives users an affordable and efficient way to craft songs just about anywhere they go. Instead of simply using your phone to make a demo, the Spire allows you to capture pristine recordings, mix and share, all within their easy-to-use app.

    Let's talk about the specifics of the interface. The Spire Studio features two Grace Design mic pres with XLR/TS combo jacks and a built-in condenser microphone on the front of the unit. Audio recorded through these inputs can be sent straight to the Spire app on your smartphone or tablet via the interface's wireless connection. No cables, no mess, no stress. Continue reading

  • Moog Music Announces Limited Release of IIIp Synthesizer

    Synth fans everywhere are rejoicing as Moog Music has announced today that they will be creating a limited edition replica of the classic IIIp Synthesizer. With only 40 new IIIp units available worldwide, this is an extremely limited release. Vintage King has a small number of these synthesizers and we are starting to take pre-orders as of today.

    Pre-Order Your Moog Music IIIp Synthesizer By Clicking Here

    What can you expect from the new IIIp reproduction? As with the other recent systems that Moog has recreated, the brand is dedicated to replicating the original down to the smallest details. Built based on original documentation, circuit board and art files, the IIIp will feature 37 hand-built modules, including 10 901-Series oscillators, the 905 Spring Reverb and the 984 Matrix Mixer. Continue reading

  • Rupert Neve Designs Offers Up RMP-D8 DANTE Mic Pre

    The world of live sound just got a huge boost from none other than pro audio legend Rupert Neve. Yesterday at the NAMM Show, Rupert Neve Designs announced that they would be releasing the RMP-D8, a new 8 channel mic pre with DANTE integration.

    While many live engineers have worked Rupert Neve Designs analog gear into their rigs, the RMP-D8 makes it that much easier to bring the brand's full analog sound to the stage. The new mic pre unit comes with 8 mic/line inputs with 48v phantom power, 1dB stepped Class A mic pres with 60 dB gain and remote capabilities, custom RND transformers and mastering-grade 24-bit 192 kHz converters. Continue reading

  • API Introduces New 529 Stereo Compressor In 500 Series Format

    This morning at NAMM, API announced that they will be introducing a brand new compressor in 2018. The API 529 stereo compressor has been designed to offer a bevy of compression options in a single 500 series module.

    Based on the API 2500 stereo bus compressor, this new 500 series module includes many of the same controls and features that made the 2500 a staple in studios all over the world. The API 529 includes continuously variable Gain, Threshold, Attack, Ratio and Release controls, three selectable compressor curve knee settings and 10 segment LED meters that show Gain Reduction and selectable Input or Output level. Continue reading

  • Retro Instruments Recreates Altec 436 With Revolver Compressor

    It's only Tuesday of NAMM week and new gear is being announced left and right. We're extremely excited about the brand new piece from Retro Instruments Inc. called the Revolver. This release from the brand who gave us classics like the 176, Sta-Level and Doublewide, is a dual-channel tube compressor inspired by the British Invasion.

    The Revolver began as an experiment over seven years ago, as Retro built several units and began testing them in different studios. Designers took inspiration from the much-beloved British mod of the Altec 436, the classic compressor that was made famous by its use during sessions with The Beatles. Continue reading

  • SE and Rupert Neve Designs Announce Third Mic In Collaborative Series

    sE Electronics and Rupert Neve Designs have announced the RNT, a new tube microphone that is said to have "the pristine, musical sonic character and uncompromising performance of the world's most prized recording equipment." This isn't the first time the two brands have collaborated, as their joint efforts have also led to the creation of the RNR1 Active Ribbon and RN17 Small-Diaphragm Condenser.

    Working together over the course of several years, Rupert Neve, Siwei Zou and their respective design teams developed a mic that features a low-noise ECC82 tube and a custom-built Rupert Neve Designs output transformer. The RNT also houses a custom hand-built large diaphragm condenser capsule and has nine selectable polar patterns. Continue reading

  • First Listen: Universal Audio Arrow Interface

    Universal Audio just announced a brand new interface called the Arrow that features the same sonic qualities and flexibility as their larger Apollo units. The Arrow features a single UAD-2 DSP chip, two Unison mic preamps, a Hi-Z input and comes in a small sleek package that routes audio and power through a single Thunderbolt-3 cable on both Macs and PCs. Continue reading

  • Moog Music Drummer From Another Mother Available For Pre-Order

    Moog Music has officially made their new analog drum machine, the Drummer From Another Mother, available for pre-order. As the first addition to the Mother 32 family, this semi-modular percussion synth puts a new spin on the drum machine of yesteryear. 

    Built with all types of synth users in mind, the semi-modular design allows you to get started with no prior experience. There is no patching necessary! Use the analog sequencer to create a pattern and then use the DFAM's white noise generator, two analog oscillators, a Moog Ladder filter and three dedicated analog envelopes to shape and sculpt your sounds. Continue reading

  • Smart Santas Shop Vintage King's December Promos

    With the holidays upon us and the end of 2017 looming near, Vintage King has some incredible offers on our best gear. Get a peak at Mad Mike's Christmas Riot Sale in the video below for some holiday fun and then continue on afterward to learn more about many of our December deals. Continue reading

  • Sugar Percussion And Vintage King Team Up For Custom Snare Drum

    Jefferson Shallenberger is a master woodworker who's been applying his world-class knowledge and skill to making drums for six years. Under the banner of Sugar Percussion, Jefferson crafts drums that not only sound incredible, but each one is also a unique piece of artwork.

    We recently teamed up with Jefferson to build a snare drum that was specifically meant to be used in the recording studio. The end result is nothing short of magical. Meet the Sugar Percussion Vintage King Edition Snare Drum. This snare has an extremely full sound with warmth, attack and depth that you will love featuring on your recordings. Continue reading

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