Producer's Corner

  • Studio Tour: Fairfax Recordings pt. 1

    Dave sits with producer, engineer, and owner of Fairfax Recordings, Kevin Augunas – as well as Vintage King Audio co-founders Andrew and Mike Nehra, to talk about the studio’s history (formally known as ‘Sound City’), gear, and the music that was created in part 1 of this 2-part episode. Continue reading
  • Producer's Corner with John O'Mahony


    John O’Mahony is a Grammy-nominated mixer and producer known for his indie-rock sensibilities, having worked with such acclaimed artists as Coldplay, Metric, Alberta Cross, Kaiser Chiefs and The Cribs.

    Some of John's recent career highlights include mixing and contributing additional production to Metric’s 2009 album Fantasties, which quickly went Gold in Canada. In addition, he mixed Metric’s two previous efforts, tracks on Coldplay’s multi-platinum Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends and Depeche Mode's Live At World Cafe. Continue reading

  • Producer's Corner with Sean McDonald


    Sean McDonald has produced records for indie faves like The Clarks, Grapevine, Carroway, and Mercury, but is best known for his work on the American Soundtrack and My Music series. These record setting PBS shows have grossed more than 80 million dollars. Continue reading

  • Producer's Corner with Kevin Augunas

    As a multi-talented producer, mixer, engineer, songwriter and musician, Kevin Augunas offers a dynamic depth and knowledge of equipment, production, and song crafting which has afforded him a freedom to capture the energy of a recording in a truly detailed, delicate approach. Continue reading
  • Producer's Corner with Michael Brauer

    New York-based mix Engineer Michael Brauer has worked with the who's who of classic rock. While working on records for Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones may be among his career highlights, Brauer isn't stuck in the golden age of rock 'n' roll.

    Continuing to work on significant projects in the 2000s, the transition to more modern pop seems to have been a simple one for Brauer. From Pitchfork lauded artists like Twin Shadow to jam rock giants My Morning Jacket, the Grammy award winning mix engineer has put his sonic stamp on music scene of the new decade. Continue reading

  • Producer's Corner with John Shanks

    As both a Grammy-award winning producer and a professional musician, John Shanks has been able to see both sides of the coin and use it to his advantage in the studio. Originally, Shanks began playing in Melissa Etheridge’s band in 1988 and toured with her for several years. Continue reading
  • 20 Questions With Chris Lord-Alge

    Chris Lord-Alge is a man who needs no introduction. With hundreds of album credits to his name, his body of work is impressive to say the least. His mixes are huge and dynamic, and can leave most engineers slapping their head and saying, "How'd he do that?"

    As a longtime friend of Vintage King, Chris was an obvious first choice for our "20 Questions" series. Chris gives us some great insight into his work ethic, favorite gear and the music he loves. Continue reading

  • Producer's Corner with Lee Negin


    A prolific composer and videographer, Lee Negin started recording and releasing his work in the late 1970s, and was involved in the international Indie/Techno/New Wave movement of the 1980s. His music received international airplay, including by the highly influential Jon Peel at BBC Radio, and he collaborated with the founders of the Detroit Techno scene. Continue reading

  • Producer's Corner with Michael Beinhorn

    Michael Beinhorn started his professional career as a musician, playing keyboards in Bill Laswell's Material during the 1980s. He got a chance to work with Herbie Hancock, producing Hancock's Future Shock album, which contained the massive hit single "Rockit," long regarded one of hip hop's seminal hits. In 2004, Beinhorn received a Grammy Nomination for "Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical" for his work on Fuel's 2003 album, Natural Selection. Continue reading
  • Producer's Corner with Jeremy Harding


    Perhaps best known as Sean Paul’s manager, Jeremy Harding initially made a name for himself as a producer, behind such hits as Beenie Man’s “Sim Simma (Who Am I),” Mad Cobra’s “Pet & Pamper,” along with Sean Paul’s “Infiltrate” and “Baby Girl” to name a few. Harding’s production credit and phone number were printed on Paul’s early 45s, which led to interested booking agents getting in touch with Harding to set up the artist’s first live shows. Continue reading

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