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  • Vintage King Ushers Second Canaan Missionary Baptist Church Into A New Era Of Live Sound


    When it comes to spreading the word of the ministry, there is a deep importance in understanding and connecting with the speaker and musicians during a sermon or performance. Just ask Rondall Murray of the Second Canaan Missionary Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan. "In order to have a great worship service, the quality of the sound must be top-notch," Murray says. "It can make or break your service if the people of God have to strain to be able to hear what the pastor is preaching about or what the choir is singing."

    To bring Second Canaan Baptist Church into the "future of sound equipment," Murray and Pastor Frank J. Harris Jr. reached out to Paul Johnson at Vintage King. Johnson, who has handled many installations in houses of worship of all different sizes, began working with Murray by assessing the issues that they were having with their current system and the space the facility had to offer. Continue reading

  • Oscillators to Jump Start Your Eurorack Modular: Part 1


    Great synth sounds start with great oscillators. An oscillator is the heart of your synth patch in most cases and there are a lot of great choices out there. If you're interested in adding some new sounds to your rig, I picked out a few of the coolest oscillator modules that Vintage King has to offer for the Eurorack format. Continue reading

  • Klayton (Celldweller) Shows Off The Intellijel Cylonix Rainmaker and 4ms Dual Looping Delay


    If you've been following along in our modular synth series, you know we've teamed up with multi-faceted recording artist Klayton (Celldweller) for a number of synthesizer demo videos. Klayton is now back with two fantastic new demos for the 4ms Dual Looping Delay and Intellijel Rainmaker Cyclonix. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Dives Into Red Panda Pedals In New Demo Walkthrough


    Based in Detroit, Michigan, Red Panda is one of the foremost purveyors of experimental guitar pedals, the kind that will warp, twist and bend your sound. Owner and designer Curt Malouin creates his pedals specifically for players that want to push their sounds to unknown worlds, while still keeping the end results musical. Continue reading

  • Trace Horse Studio Enters Nashville With Neve Consoles In Tow


    For Tim and Preston Cochran, the owners of the brand new Trace Horse Studio in Nashville, Tennessee, music is something that has been passed down in their family from generation to generation. "My grandfather was a guitarist and a bluegrass promoter in rural Virginia. He also gave me a Harmony electric guitar for Christmas when I was 10 years old," says Tim Cochran. "As far as passing my passion for music onto Preston, it was never really a conscious thing, unless you count putting the White Album and God Save the Queen on continuous play while he was still in his crib."

    Spurred by Preston's interest in writing and recording as a teenager, Tim's love for gear was reawakened and the two began to assemble all the gear needed for a traditional studio space. With the opening of Trace Horse, Preston, who is recent Belmont graduate, has already been lining up clients to work on the studio's beautiful Neve 8014 and BCM10. We recently chatted with Tim about Trace Horse finding its place in the world of Nashville studios, creating an aesthetic and owning one of only five Class A Neve consoles in Music City. Continue reading

  • John O'Mahony Talks Studio Workflow With The AMS Neve Genesys

    John O'Mahony Genesys A

    John O'Mahony reminisces about his childhood as being an era where music was much more hands-on. "I would go to the only cool record store in town and stare for hours trying to decide which record to buy. It felt like a life or death investment decision every time," O'Mahony states. "My friends and I were all obsessed with music, I bought a guitar and distortion pedal at 14 and we all tried to play music together." Continue reading

  • Win An AMS Neve 33609 N From Vintage King


    A few months ago, we dissected the history of the 33609 and now we are teaming up with AMS Neve to give away the latest version of the classic compressor, the 33609 N. This new take on the compressor uses more modern construction techniques, similar to the 1073N, while still featuring the original 33609 sound, with enhanced internal and external I/O switching. Continue reading

  • Ohio University Installs Intuitive Yamaha Nuage Work Surface In Student Mix Room


    Now in his fifth year of teaching in the School of Media Arts & Studies at Ohio University, Lecturer and Outreach Coordinator Kyle P. Snyder has been hard at work with his colleagues Josh Antonuccio, Eddie Ashworth, and Jeff Redefer transforming the Music Production curriculum within Scripps College of Communication to prepare students for real world studio jobs. "What I find most rewarding about working with students in our field is seeing their evolution from day one through graduation," Snyder says. "It’s tremendously rewarding to see that evolution over our brief four years together, which really gives you a phenomenal glimpse into how big an impact we have upon their careers."

    Snyder's approach to the school's studio facilities is making the biggest impact on outbound students, as he opts for durable gear that allows as many hands on as possible at one time. With this in mind, the OU professor recently worked with Vintage King's Chris Bolitho and Greg Fraser to bring in a Yamaha Nuage workstation and Nuendo software for a state-of-the-art mixing room. We recently caught up with Kyle Snyder to talk about why he choose this particular desk, how he uses it in tandem with an analog console and what his students think about the work surface. Continue reading

  • Vintage King and beyerdynamic Want To Give You A Pair Of DT 1990 PRO Headphones


    To celebrate the debut of beyerdynamic's latest release, the DT 1990 PRO, we're partnering up with the brand to give one lucky fan a pair of headphones. In the DT 1990 PRO, beyerdynamic has built the ultimate reference headphones by combining decades of expertise with the latest Tesla driver technology. The headphone's well-balanced, high-resolution sound sets the new standard for studio professionals in both design and craftsmanship.

    Entering our giveaway is super simple! Read our Official Rules and then sign up using the form in this blog. All entries must be received by October 21st, 2016 at Midnight EST, at which time this contest page will be closed. Please only submit one entry per person. No purchases are necessary to win. The winner of this giveaway will be selected at random. Good luck everyone! Continue reading

  • Vintage King Explores U47 Microphones In Latest Shootout

    How did a German microphone from 1949 become the most sought-after microphone in the world and come to define how vocals are supposed to sound? The U47’s imperfect, “filtered reality” flatters, forgives and makes more of the music than what’s actually there. That’s why singers and engineers fell in love with it over the years and everyone from The Beatles and Aretha Franklin to Elle Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra loved it.  We now subconsciously associate the most beloved music of all time with the sound of the U47 microphone. Continue reading

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