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  • Vintage King Demos The Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box

    Universal Audio has long been known for their incredible analog and digital creations. The OX Amp Top Box brings together the best of both worlds in an innovative tool that will allow guitarists to take their amp's natural sound to another level.

    At its core, the OX acts as a reactive load attenuator, which gives users the ability to channel their amp's sweet spot and then play at a more reasonable volume without changing your tone. By turning the Speaker Volume, you can adjust your output as necessary to the size of the venue you're in, be it bedroom, theatre or stadium. Continue reading

  • Moog Music Announces Limited Release of IIIp Synthesizer

    Synth fans everywhere are rejoicing as Moog Music has announced today that they will be creating a limited edition replica of the classic IIIp Synthesizer. With only 40 new IIIp units available worldwide, this is an extremely limited release. Vintage King has a small number of these synthesizers and we are starting to take pre-orders as of today.

    Pre-Order Your Moog Music IIIp Synthesizer By Clicking Here

    What can you expect from the new IIIp reproduction? As with the other recent systems that Moog has recreated, the brand is dedicated to replicating the original down to the smallest details. Built based on original documentation, circuit board and art files, the IIIp will feature 37 hand-built modules, including 10 901-Series oscillators, the 905 Spring Reverb and the 984 Matrix Mixer. Continue reading

  • The Legend Returns: Neumann Revives The U67

    The legendary Neumann U67 is back! The German microphone manufacturer has created a historically accurate replica including a K67 capsule and EF86 tube. In fact, the new version of the U67 is so true to form that all of the microphone's parts can be exchanged with those from vintage versions of the mic.

    The reasons for reviving the Neuman U67 are obvious. Utilized on countless recordings, including David Ruffin on "My Girl," Paul McCartney on "Hey Jude" and Ian Gillan on "Highway Star," this microphone has been a staple since its introduction into the studio world. Continue reading

  • First Listen: Universal Audio Arrow Interface

    Universal Audio just announced a brand new interface called the Arrow that features the same sonic qualities and flexibility as their larger Apollo units. The Arrow features a single UAD-2 DSP chip, two Unison mic preamps, a Hi-Z input and comes in a small sleek package that routes audio and power through a single Thunderbolt-3 cable on both Macs and PCs. Continue reading

  • Moog Music Drummer From Another Mother Available For Pre-Order

    Moog Music has officially made their new analog drum machine, the Drummer From Another Mother, available for pre-order. As the first addition to the Mother 32 family, this semi-modular percussion synth puts a new spin on the drum machine of yesteryear. 

    Built with all types of synth users in mind, the semi-modular design allows you to get started with no prior experience. There is no patching necessary! Use the analog sequencer to create a pattern and then use the DFAM's white noise generator, two analog oscillators, a Moog Ladder filter and three dedicated analog envelopes to shape and sculpt your sounds. Continue reading

  • Vintage King: Celebrating 25 Years Of Audio Excellence

    Throughout 2018, Vintage King will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. We’ll be taking a look back at the history of the company, gear that we have serviced and sold throughout the years and the customers who have made it all worthwhile. Stick around, we think you’re going to like it.

    Fueled by a passion for the studio equipment that was used to create their favorite records, Michigan-based brothers Mike and Andrew Nehra began crafting a plan in their parent's garage to capitalize on a trip to Europe. That’s right, the effort to become one of the leading pro audio gear companies started in an unlikely place ­- a hotel room in England. Continue reading

  • Vintage King’s Annual Winter NAMM Open House Takes Over Los Angeles

    It's about that time of year when the music industry’s premier trade show takes over Southern California. Vintage King is pleased to present a very special Winter NAMM Open House on Sunday, January 28, 2018 at Vintage King Los Angeles from 11AM until 4PM. 

    This year patrons will be able to walk into Vintage King's award-winning showroom for exclusive NEW AT NAMM demo sessions. Pro audio's most prestigious equipment manufacturers will be featuring their brand new gear in the store's immersive environment away from the noisy trade show floor. Continue reading

  • Win The New UK Sound 1173 From Vintage King

    Vintage King is giving away a compressor/preamp combo courtesy of BAE's brand new product line, UK Sound. Dubbed the UK Sound 1173, this rackmount unit features both 1176 and 1073 style designs in one simple package.

    Designed by engineer Warren Huart in collaboration with product designer Michael Stucker, the new 1173 delivers classic analog warmth and character. Read Vintage King blogger Bryan Reilly's new review of the UK Sound 1173 by clicking here. Continue reading

  • First Listen: A Review of the UK Sound 1173

    BAE recently announced that they would be releasing a new product line under the banner of UK Sound. The brand’s first product, the UK Sound 1173, is the combination of a Neve 1073 style preamp and Universal Audio/Urei 1176 style compressor in a single space rack module.

    For the design, world-renowned tracking and mix engineer Warren Huart (The Fray, Aerosmith, Korn) teamed up with BAE and gear designer Michael Stucker to help bring the best of both worlds into a single piece of hardware.

    Watch our demo video of the UK Sound 1173 and continue reading below to see a full review of this mic pre and compressor combo. Continue reading

  • 20 Questions With Needlz

    Michigan native Khari Cain got his start in the music industry interning for Bad Boy Records, where he began producing as "Needlz." Now he makes hit records with artists like Ludacris, 50 Cent, Lupe Fiasco, Bruno Mars and The Lonely Island.

    We recently sat down with Needlz and chatted for our ongoing 20 Questions series. Read on to learn more about his love for Michael McDonald, his trick for kicking writer's block and some advice on getting the best kick sounds on an 808. Continue reading

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