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  • Creating A Studio Set-Up And Mixing For Dolby Atmos

    The evolution of the listener's audio experience has led the post-production world to the vast frontiers of immersive mixing. Thanks to Dolby Atmos, mix engineers can now plunge their listeners into lush three-dimensional sonic worlds that feature well-placed, accurate sounds. The best part? With Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite, it's easier than ever before.

    If you've heard about Dolby Atmos and have been wondering why you need to start thinking about it when it comes to your mixes, you've come to the right place. Throughout this blog, we'll be outlining the concepts behind Dolby Atmos, the creation process for immersive mixing and some of the tools of the trade that you'll need to do the job right.  Continue reading

  • First Listen: Chandler Limited TG Microphone

    Chandler Limited has always been known for their incredible analog hardware. However, with the release of the new TG Microphone, the brand is also solidifying their reputation for creating outstanding mics.

    Coming hot on the heels of the highly successfully EMI REDD Microphone, the TG Microphone is a new solid-state large diaphragm condenser mic. Once again, Chandler Limited is giving you the option to alter your sound at the source by giving the microphone a plethora of on-board tools. Continue reading

  • Bring Home Beautiful Compression For Less During Black Friday

    Black Friday, the day itself, might be over, but we are far from done offering savings over at Vintage King. Our Black Friday Sale continues on until December 3rd with so many ways to save!

    Whether you’re looking for subtle glue on your mix bus, tight transient control on your tracks, or downright dirty parallel compression, we’ve got you covered this Black Friday with crazy deals on some of our most popular compressors. Continue reading

  • Ways To Save On Pedals, Synths And Beyond For Black Friday 2018

    Our Black Friday Sale is on at Vintage King and we have so many different ways to save this holiday season. If you're looking to pick up some fantastic deals and extra goodies on more instrument-based items than you'll want to check out some of the sales featured in this blog.

    That's right, during out Black Friday Sale, we've got specials offers from Elektron, Moog Music, Novation, Rock Stock, Soundwell, Toontrack and more. Continue on below to discover Black Friday savings on some of the best from the world of synthesizers, pedals and software instruments.  Continue reading

  • Re-Up AVID Pro Tools Now And Lock In 20% Off Pricing

    During Vintage King's Black Friday Sale (which lasts from now through December 3rd), Avid is offering up 20% off on select software and hardware. That means that if you've been waiting to buy Pro Tools, there's never been a better time than now to do it. Avid's lowest prices of the year are here!

    Already have Pro Tools? You can still benefit from the savings even if you purchased your subscription/license earlier this year. When purchasing the same Pro Tools package that you currently own during the sale, you'll extend your subscription/license by a full year, in addition to the remaining time left on your current package. By doing so, you'll ensure you're locking in another whole year at this special 20% off pricing. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Kicks Off Inaugural Black Friday Bowl

    Football has become as much of a tradition during the holidays as uncles who talk too much, dry turkey and floating cartoon characters in the sky. After all, what are you going to do instead of watching the big game? Actually talk to your family?

    For the inaugural Vintage King Black Friday Bowl, we ask the question, "What happens when you pit analog v.s. digital on the biggest day to save of the year?!" The answer? Everyone wins! Watch the video below to see the gridiron glory unfold and then explore all of our deals during the Vintage King Black Friday Sale by clicking here. Continue reading

  • Six Black Friday Audio Interface Deals At Vintage King

    Now that the home recording revolution is in full swing, more and more musicians are taking the plunge and learning how to create quality recordings at home. Good recordings start at the source, but every link in your signal chain colors the sound. A great instrument and a great mic recorded through a cheap preamp will ruin an otherwise perfect recording.

    If you're in need of a great recording interface, our Black Friday Sale is a great place to start. Step up your home recording game with Black Friday deals on these popular recording interfaces. Continue reading

  • 12 Ways To Save On Microphones During Black Friday

    Ah yes, breath it in. That's the smell of sweet, sweet savings during our annual Black Friday Sale. For 2018, we thought we'd get started even earlier so you could take advantage of all the fantastic deals we have in store for you before Black Friday actually even happens.

    If you're looking to level up your mic locker than you came to the right place, as we have huge deals on dozens of microphones during our Black Friday Sale. From vintage-inspired mics to modern marvels, read on below to find out what you can bring home for less during our sale this year. Continue reading

  • Using Remic Microphones For Open Air Concerts With Taketo Gohara

    Miking instruments in open-air settings like amphitheaters can be complicated, as the weather can always be unpredictable and factors like the wind can ruin your sound. For the purposes of miking orchestral instruments in these settings, REMIC Microphones has created new mics that feature built-in shields to prevent any wind noise from being picked up.

    This past summer, Front of House Engineer Taketo Gohara went on with legendary Italian singer-songwriter Vinicio Capossela, and was tasked with running sound for two orchestras. When miking the Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini and the Orchestra Teatro Massimo in open-air settings, Gohara opted to use the REMIC LB (Live) microphones featuring built-in windscreens.
    Continue reading

  • Vintage King's Mike Nehra Talks With DIME Detroit Students

    Located only a block away from where the Nehra brothers started Vintage King, the Detroit Institute of Music Education offers a new educational option for those interested in pursuing careers in the music industry. The school's unique curriculum focuses on areas like songwriting, music entrepreneurship and creative music performance.

    DIME Detroit recently invited Vintage King Co-Founder and CEO Mike Nehra to come speak with students about his recording career and work at our company. Additionally, Mike took questions from DIME students and offered insights into using certain microphones for specific genres, analog compared to digital and creating a hybrid workflow. Continue reading

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