• Butler University Completes New Studio With API 1608

    Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Butler University is home to a recording studies program that has seen impressive growth since 2003. With an average of 80 majors and minors working in the program at any given time, the school offers an incredibly wide range of industry-related courses for students to attend.   

    "Audio Production is only a portion of our curriculum," says BU Technical Services Coordinator Mark Harris. "The majority of our graduates work throughout the music industry in Publishing, Copyright Law, Artist Management, Ticketing, Promotions and Broadcasting."
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  • Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music Upgrades With Avid S6 + ATC Monitors

    As one of the first major universities in the country to have an audio program, Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music has a time-tested dedication to offering the best education in engineering and production.

    “It started with an internship/mentoring model, and the idea was for it to be as hands-on as possible,” says Jacobs' Assistant Professor of Music Michael Stucker. “From the start of your very first semester, you’re doing a high-quality recording session every week."

    When the school was recently gifted a generous donation, the staff reached out to Vintage King for help in outfitting a new state-of-the-art recording facility. We caught up with Michael Stucker and talked to him about working with Vintage King's Chris Bolitho to bring an Avid S6 control surface and ATC monitors to the studio space. Continue reading

  • East Tennessee State University Selects API 1608 For Student Studio

    With a program centered on furthering forms of old-time music, including bluegrass, Celtic and country, East Tennessee State University has developed an enviable curriculum. Adding to the excitement of the program is the recent addition of an API 1608 console as the centerpiece of the school's recording studio.  

    "A few students may start our series of audio engineering classes with some knowledge of Pro Tools, Logic, or some other DAWs, but for the most part, they are blank slates," says ETSU Recording Lab Manager Benjamin Bateson. "The API 1608 gives them a good, manageable console on which to start learning signal flow through a console." Continue reading

  • Stages Music Arts Creates Educational Space With Help From Vintage King

    Based in Cockeysville, Maryland, Stages Music Arts is a unique educational facility that specializes in many different audio and video related programs. The school was founded by Rob Smith, who envisioned a music school that went well beyond instrument lessons and taught students about taking the next steps towards being a professional musician.

    "Rob had this vision to create a facility in which musicians would have access to just about everything they would need to be a musician, no matter what 'Stage' they were at," says Stages' General Manager Ryan Glaeser. "Beginners could come for lessons on a wide range of instruments, then when they were ready, they could perform in one of our performance spaces. Once they had fine-tuned their craft, they could go record in one of our studios." Continue reading

  • Apple Announces Configuration Changes For Mac Pro

    The news broke earlier today that Apple is finally looking at making significant changes to their Mac Pro computer. While the company said that they would not be releasing a new product this year, they did announce that they would be offering new configurations of the current edition of the Mac Pro in 2017. Continue reading
  • Ohio University Installs Intuitive Yamaha Nuage Work Surface In Student Mix Room


    Now in his fifth year of teaching in the School of Media Arts & Studies at Ohio University, Lecturer and Outreach Coordinator Kyle P. Snyder has been hard at work with his colleagues Josh Antonuccio, Eddie Ashworth, and Jeff Redefer transforming the Music Production curriculum within Scripps College of Communication to prepare students for real world studio jobs. "What I find most rewarding about working with students in our field is seeing their evolution from day one through graduation," Snyder says. "It’s tremendously rewarding to see that evolution over our brief four years together, which really gives you a phenomenal glimpse into how big an impact we have upon their careers."

    Snyder's approach to the school's studio facilities is making the biggest impact on outbound students, as he opts for durable gear that allows as many hands on as possible at one time. With this in mind, the OU professor recently worked with Vintage King's Chris Bolitho and Greg Fraser to bring in a Yamaha Nuage workstation and Nuendo software for a state-of-the-art mixing room. We recently caught up with Kyle Snyder to talk about why he choose this particular desk, how he uses it in tandem with an analog console and what his students think about the work surface. Continue reading

  • Lake Havasu High School and Vintage King Team Up For Student Studio Overhaul

    Located along the Colorado River, Lake Havasu High School in Arizona has built an incredible education platform on the idea of equipping students with the skills needed to utilize the world’s latest technology. To enrich the students’ knowledge of audio production, the school’s administration reached out to their own Director of the Community Performing Arts Center, Sam Brindis. Continue reading
  • Big Sean And Vintage King Bring Studio To Detroit High School


    When asked to take part in the #ImaginedBy project, a new initiative from sneaker giant adidas, hip-hop artist Big Sean didn't have to think hard about where his efforts would take place. Big Sean, real name Sean Anderson, quickly decided on his hometown of Detroit as the site of his #ImaginedBy effort. Continue reading

  • SAE Institute Chicago: Shaping The Next Generation Of Audio Specialists


    Set in a sprawling 19,000 sq ft. space, the SAE Institute of Chicago has garnered a reputation for developing the wave of audio producers. Whether students are interested in music creation, live audio engineering, studio ownership or beyond, SAE offers them the ability to see how it all works firsthand. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Delivers New Studio To Glendale Community College


    The basis of any good education starts with having the right tools to get the job done. In the case of Glendale Community College, the Audio Production Technologies department definitely needed an upgrade in terms of the school's on-campus recording facilities. Audio Production Degree head David Nichols reached out to Vintage King when the decision was made to move forward with a revamp. Continue reading

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