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  1. A Mix Engineer's Guide To Creating The Perfect Mix Bus

    A Mix Engineer's Guide To Creating The Perfect Mix Bus
    Prior to walking away with a Grammy this past weekend, F. Reid Shippen (Dierks Bentley / Ingrid Michaelson) sat down to talk all things mix bus-related with Vintage King Audio. The Nashville-based mixer and producer has been outspoken about avoiding bad pro audio advice, so we thought who better than Reid to offer tips on how to create and use the perfect mix bus. While no two mix bus may be the same, there are some general rules that can be applied to your work. Read on to discover some of Reid's pro tips, get the inside scoop on how he uses his gear, and learn more about what exactly he uses in his set-up. Happy mixing! Continue reading →
  2. How To Get A Big Vocal Sound For Under $1500

    How To Get A Big Vocal Sound For Under $1500
    One question we always get asked here at Vintage King Audio is, “How do I get huge sounding vocals that have warmth and color?” Over the years, we’ve shared our gear picks for how to do it on an unlimited budget and a somewhat stricter one. For today's blog, we want our social media fans to know that we've heard them loud and clear. You wanted us to do this with a smaller budget, and so here it is! We understand that not everyone can afford Neumann U47s, Neve 1073s, or Fairchild 670s. With that being said, most people still want their recordings to sound like they have used these titans of the studio for tracking and mixing. Read our blog below to discover some microphone, preamp, and compressor options that will get you a big sounding vocal chain for right around $1,500. Continue reading →
  3. The Best Compressors For Mixing Drums

    The Best Compressors For Mixing Drums
    Compressors are one of the keys to dialing in a professional-sounding drum mix. Whether you’re going for an aggressive, punchy sound or a tight, controlled performance, compressors help you shape transients and control dynamics to achieve the perfect sound. Some compressors excel at certain tasks while others struggle, so it's important to select the right one for the job. When mixing drums, many engineers reach for fast-acting compressors with program-dependent release times and just a touch of saturation. While there are many quality options out there, here are six compressors for dialing in unforgettable drum mixes. Continue reading →
  4. Replicating Plate Reverb With Plug-Ins, Pedals And Outboard Gear

    Replicating Plate Reverb With Plug-Ins, Pedals And Outboard Gear
    A few weeks back, we posted a new VK Shootout featuring a vintage EMT 140 plate reverb going up against some popular emulations. People were digging the shootout so much that we decided to do another blog that expands on other ways to get plate reverb sounds in the studio and during live performances. Since the release of the original EMT 140, the options for getting plate reverb sounds have gotten way smaller. Sure... Being smaller than a 600-pound metal structure isn't super hard, but we're talking much smaller, like nearly as small as the palm of your hand. Continue reading →
  5. Creating A Vocal Chain Based On Your Genre Of Choice

    Creating A Vocal Chain Based On Your Genre Of Choice
    Here at Vintage King, we are often asked for advice on building the perfect vocal chain. We have lots of experience doing just that, but the specific answer for you may be different than one of your engineer peers. Have you ever heard the phrase, "There's more than one way to peel a potato." This holds true when it comes to creating the right vocal chain for your studio. Different genres require different sounds and having a vocal chain that fits the bill is critical to nailing the sound your clients are craving. While there isn't one exact, perfect vocal chain for any genre, we talked with Vintage King Audio Consultants Jeff Leibovich and Andy Catlin about some of their favorites. Read on to discover microphones, preamps, EQs, and compressors that will suit a number of different styles of music. Continue reading →
  6. Creating Space and Depth in Your Mixes

    Creating Space and Depth in Your Mixes
    One of the keys to a great mix is creating separation between each instrument. Most instruments feature overlapping frequency ranges, which can cause your mix to lack definition and sound cluttered. In this blog, we’ll break down our favorite tips for bringing space and depth to your mixes so each instrument can be heard clearly. Arrangement One of the most effective ways to solve a frequency masking problem is to rearrange the track and transpose one of the offending instruments. For instance, if you’re struggling to achieve separation between two guitar parts, transposing one of them up or down an octave will usually do the trick. Continue reading →
  7. Integrating Dante And Focusrite For A Better Studio Workflow

    Integrating Dante And Focusrite For A Better Studio Workflow
    In a recent blog, we covered the basics of Audio Over IP networks and how they can benefit your workflow. We’re diving in deeper with a more focused look at Dante and the way this technology works with gear from Focusrite.    What is Dante? It's the leading AoIP technology created by Audinate. Dante allows the use of the same Ethernet technology in consumer and commercial networks for uncompressed multi-channel audio distribution, minimal latency, and sampling rates of up to 192kHz. You can even use Dante AoIP in conjunction with conventional network traffic. There's support for Cat 5e, Cat 6, and even fiber optic cables. Continue reading →
  8. Best Software Tools For Correcting Vocal Tracks

    Best Software Tools For Correcting Vocal Tracks
    A quality vocal recording is one of the most important elements of almost any studio production. Without a great-sounding vocal, no one is going to give your song, podcast, or video the time of day. That’s why it’s so important to make sure there are no problems in your vocal tracks. No matter how great a singer or speaker is, problematic sounds occur in the recording studio. Things like pops, clicks, buzzing, humming, and unwanted noise of any kind can ruin an otherwise perfect vocal performance. If this has happened to you, don’t panic! In this blog, we’re going to break down all of the tools you need to get your vocals in tip-top shape. Continue reading →
  9. How To Utilize Drum Machines And Samplers In The Studio

    How To Utilize Drum Machines And Samplers In The Studio
    Take a look at the most successful songs from the past 10 years and you’ll be hard pressed to find a track without any use of drum samples. It’s safe to say if you’re still relying on your trusty drum kit and a live drummer for every beat, you’re limiting your creative potential. Thanks to forever advancing technology, drum samples and loops are just another color that has been added to your music making palette. Whether they be crunchy and lo-fi or epicly clean, there are drum sounds to foster all kinds of creativity. In this blog, we’ll break down the different ways that you can use drum samples and drum machines in your studio. Continue reading →
  10. Utilizing Analog Gear In Your Digital Set-Up

    Utilizing Analog Gear In Your Digital Set-Up
    Digital audio has made it infinitely easier for artists to record their own music. Years ago, the process of making a record involved hours of writing, rehearsing and pre-production before booking an expensive hourly studio. Today, we simply click an icon on our screen and start creating. The process may have improved, but the results have suffered in some ways. Artists can record themselves at home more easily than ever with digital interfaces, but these tracks often pale in comparison to those recorded with analog gear. Continue reading →

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From the minute I placed my order I was kept well-informed through each step in your process. Even though I was buying a comparatively modest piece of gear, your attention to detail made me feel like I was purchasing a six-figure mixing desk.
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