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  1. Revitalized Magnatone Amplifiers Build On Vibrato Magic Pt. 1

    Revitalized Magnatone Amplifiers Build On Vibrato Magic Pt. 1
    magnatone Dating back to the 1930s, the story of Magnatone is filled with a legacy of innovations from big to small. In the world of guitar amplifiers, the brand was one of the first to introduce the world to vibrato, giving players true pitch shifting, unlike some competitors who wrongly named their tremolo features. While the original Magnatone went out of business in the mid-1970s, the name has once again been picked up by Ted Kornblum, formerly of St. Louis Music. By teaming up with his former St. Louis Music colleague, Magntaone's head engineer Obeid Khan, Kornblum has brought the company back to the amplifier world and given it new life. Continue reading →
  2. Supro Is Back With New Line Of Vintage-Styled Amps

    Supro Is Back With New Line Of Vintage-Styled Amps
    SuproAmplifiers With a name that is synonymous with the Chicago blues scene of the 1930s and the world of rock music in the late 1960s, Supro has always been known for creating amplifiers that offer a depth of grit that can be aptly applied to any genre of music. Thanks to a revitalization effort, the Supro line is back with four new amps that pick up right where the brand left off. Continue reading →
  3. The Best Fuzz Pedals For Under $400

    The Best Fuzz Pedals For Under $400
    FuzzPedalsUnder4001-1024x310Last week on the Vintage King blog, we talked about some of the best fuzz pedals under $200. For those looking for something different, both in terms of price range and tone, we've created another list of five of our favorite fuzzes under $400. The numbers on the tag might be a little higher, but these pedals are capable of getting some serious sounds that make them worthy of being by your side in the fight against bland guitar tones. Continue reading →
  4. The Best Fuzz Pedals For Under $200

    The Best Fuzz Pedals For Under $200
    bestfuzzpedalsFrom destroying speakers with ice picks to the earliest stompboxes, music makers since the late 1950s and early 1960s have always been obsessed with things that could add dirt to their sound. Following in the well-laid tracks of predecessors like Link Wray and The Sonics, the legacy continues on through the more-than-capable hands of the creators of the best fuzz pedals around today. While the options for effects are nearly limitless, finding the best fuzz pedals for your sound is all about knowing want you want to achieve and your budget. For those looking for a boutique pedal under $200, Vintage King has brought together some of our favorite fuzzes whose hefty price tags are non-existent. Let your tone and wallet both remain heavy with these great pedal board additions! Continue reading →
  5. The Differences Behind The Origin Effects Cali76

    The Differences Behind The Origin Effects Cali76
    origin_effects_cali76_1As one of the most legendary pieces of recording equipment in our time, the Urei 1176 compressor has influenced more than its fair share of gear makers. Since the compressor's creation in 1966, there has been no more famous offspring than that of the Origin Effects Cali76. By minimizing the makeup of a studio-grade compressor into a pedal-size stompbox, the designers at Origin Effects have given the sonic gift of effortless compression to live and studio players everywhere. With 100% Class-A discrete signal path, extremely quick FET response and attack/release controls, the Cali76 follows the topology of the original with extreme detail. Continue reading →
  6. Retrospec Brings Back Squeeze Box For New Reissue

    Retrospec Brings Back Squeeze Box For New Reissue
    retrospec_squeezeboxWhen it comes to compression in pedal form, Ken McKim at Retrospec Audio truly nailed it with his classic Squeeze Box. This high quality tube compressor and limiter keeps tones intact while smoothing out your sound, in addition to offering a classic warm feel. The history of the Squeeze Box dates back to Ken McKim's days as a maintenance engineer at Albert Grossman's Bearsville Studios. Affording the tech a chance to build some of his own gear for studio use, the idea for the pedal came about after Ken created his signature DI box, the Juice Box. Continue reading →
  7. Keeley Introduces A New Generation Of Compression With The GC2

    Keeley Introduces A New Generation Of Compression With The GC2
    keeley_gc2 Since first getting into the guitar effects game, Robert Keeley and Keeley Electronics have become known for their impressive array of compression pedals. His latest creation, the GC2, takes the classic compression of Robert's older pedals and puts a new twist on them. Continue reading →
  8. Five Of The Latest Guitar Pedals To Hit Vintage King

    Five Of The Latest Guitar Pedals To Hit Vintage King
    latestguitarpedals4 Whether you're looking for fuzz, reverb or boost, Vintage King's pedal collection has continued to grow into an extremely well-rounded offering of guitar effects. We've brought together five of our favorite pedals to be released in the last few months to show you what's hot in the world of boutique guitar gear. Continue reading →
  9. Meet The Exclusive Caroline Kilobyte Pedal - Vintage King Edition

    Meet The Exclusive Caroline Kilobyte Pedal - Vintage King Edition
    CarolineKilobyte Vintage King is extremely happy to announce a new collaboration with the Caroline Guitar Company. This exclusive line of pedals is centered on remaking the brand's signature delay pedal, the Kilobyte. Meet the new Caroline Kilobyte VK Edition. Resident Vintage King pedal whiz Scotty I. got first crack at the new Kilobyte in the office and loved it so much that he wanted to write about it. If you're unfamilar with Scotty, check out his incredible Instagram, @VKGuitar, and read on to discover his thoughts about the new Kilobyte Continue reading →
  10. Bondi Effects Introduces The New Del Mar Pedal

    Bondi Effects Introduces The New Del Mar Pedal
    BondiDelMar With the creation of the Sick As Overdrive, Jon Ashley from Bondi Effects has been garnering acclaim from all over the guitar world. His next entrance into the pedal realm, the Del Mar Overdrive, has just made its debut at Vintage King and finds its inspiration from the sounds of mild overdrives of the past. Continue reading →

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