Client Stories

  • Vintage King Helps Gold Diggers Land API 2448 Console For Studio Room A

    Gold Diggers is a new recording studio, live music venue and hotel that lives all on one campus on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood. Over the course of the three-year planning process for these facilities, owner Dave Trumfio worked hand-in-hand with Vintage King Audio Consultant Jeff Ehrenberg to select the gear that would go into the nine room studio space.

    When API Audio announced the release of the new 2448 recording console in October 2018, Ehrenberg connected Trumfio with the storied pro audio brand and the rest is history. One of the first 2448 desks to be built by API Audio was installed into the Studio A room at Gold Diggers shortly after the product was launched. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Delivers A Rupert Neve Designs 5088 Console To Nashville’s Historic RCA Studio B

    Now operated by the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, RCA Studio B in Nashville is open for visitors to explore where their favorite records were made. The hallowed halls of the famous Music City studio have seen just about every legend pass through, including Chet Atkins, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, and the King himself, Elvis Presley.

    “Terry Blackwood of the Imperials asked Elvis how to knock a gun out of somebody's hand if they were trying to rob you,” says RCA Studio B Assistant Studio Manager Johnny Gentile. “So they found a pistol in the studio and held it towards Elvis. Elvis karate kicked the pistol out of the person’s hand and it went flying across the room. The barrel of the pistol went straight through the back of session guitarist Chip Young’s acoustic guitar.” Continue reading

  • The Outlier Inn Doubles As Working Farm And World-Class Studio

    The Outlier Inn is a world-class recording studio located on a working 12-acre farm in New York’s southern Catskill Mountains, 90 miles from the big city. The land the studio sits on presents a peaceful and inspiring backdrop for recording and mixing, and also serves as a retreat center, an event/workshop space and a sustainable fiber and organic vegetable farm.

    Josh Druckman has been the house engineer and producer at Outlier Inn for 15 years and has worked with artists like Luke Temple, Blonde Redhead, Guerrilla Toss and The Dig. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Josh and talking to him about the studio's unique location,taking the stress out of recording and the Neve VR72 console and UnderTone Audio UnFairchild he picked up from Vintage King's Chris Karn. Continue reading

  • The Vault Studio Brings Home Vintage King-Restored Neve 8058

    Even though Bob McCutcheon's career led him into the world of business, the Pittsburgh native has been a lifelong musician who always loved being in the recording studio. As his children got older and they became more interested in recording, Bob decided it was time to expand upon a dream he had since the late 1980s.

    "I had my first studio in 1988 and always wanted to start another. I kept nearly every piece of gear I've ever owned," says McCutcheon. "My children's passion for music grew and it only further motivated me. Truth be told… It just gave me the excuse I needed. Building and owning a commercial studio was always the dream."

    McCutcheon got started by buying an old bank, building out the inside and by 2016, The Vault Studio was open for business. In 2018, McCutcheon came to Vintage King to check out a historic Neve 8058 that had been recently refurbished by the Vintage King Tech Shop. He would end up purchasing the console and The Vault would become a special part of the desk's pedigree. Continue reading

  • Hi-Five Studio And Vintage King Team Up For Award-Winning Recording Facility

    When building out Hi-Five Studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ryan Rosmann worked with Vintage King Audio Consultant Scotty Iulianelli to bring in a hybrid console featuring Rupert Neve Designs modules, monitors from ATC Loudspeakers and more.

    In the year or so since the studio opened, it’s already created quite the buzz. Hi-Five Studio is currently nominated for a 2019 TEC Award and was recently selected for Mix Magazine’s Class of 2018. Quite the incredible rookie season filled with some stunning accomplishments.

    We recently had the chance to sit down with Ryan and talk about his studio build-out process and the hybrid console he created with help from Scotty. Continue on below to see more photos of one of the hottest new studios to open in 2018. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Brings Audient Console To Sacramento City College

    Since 1992, the Commercial Music program at Sacramento City College has grown to offer students in-depth training on analog and digital gear. While the program advanced over the years, the studio had not. When Kirt Shearer came on-board as the program's Director in 2016, he saw that there was a need for an immediate renovation.

    "I'm not going to lie, necessity," Shearer says of the reason for a studio upgrade. "We had an Otari 54 from 1992 that was just at the end of its life. Plus, the overall facility just had not quite kept pace with trends and technology, so it was very much time for an upgrade." Continue reading

  • Vintage King Works With Adidas To Create Studio For Students In Los Angeles

    A few years ago, Vintage King became involved with an ongoing project called adidas Originals: Sound Lab. Working together with the sneaker company, Vintage King built out a studio inside Cass Tech Detroit high school featuring a Slate Raven MTIBarefoot MM45sYamaha HS7Antelope Audio Zen Studio, and AEA microphones.

    In the time since, Vintage King has continued to partner with adidas, including working on their latest project, an adidas Originals: Sound Lab based in Los Angeles. Opened on-site at Alexander Hamilton High School in Culver City, this Sound Lab has been built into a recycled shipping container and is already being used by a group of talented students. Continue reading

  • All Sound Upgrades Workflow With Gear From Avid, ADAM Audio And Trinnov Audio

    All Sound is a North Hollywood-based post-production space helmed by Nick Couscouris, a veteran in recording and mixing for advertising campaigns, films, TV shows, sports and more. Prior to his recent work on Happy Ending With Nando Vila and A Quiet Place, Couscouris teamed up with Vintage King's Chris Bolitho to bring in an incredible package of new gear to All Sound.

    Dubbing his workflow as "streamlined with constant creativity," it was clear from the beginning that Couscouris wanted a set-up that would enable him to work quickly and keep ideas flowing. With that in mind, Bolitho and Couscouris envisioned a centerpiece in the new space with two Avid S3 control surfaces flanked by two Avid Docks. Each surface alone is a powerful tool, but the combination of the two enables you to use some timesaving custom controls. Continue reading

  • Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music Upgrades With Avid S6 + ATC Monitors

    As one of the first major universities in the country to have an audio program, Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music has a time-tested dedication to offering the best education in engineering and production.

    “It started with an internship/mentoring model, and the idea was for it to be as hands-on as possible,” says Jacobs' Assistant Professor of Music Michael Stucker. “From the start of your very first semester, you’re doing a high-quality recording session every week."

    When the school was recently gifted a generous donation, the staff reached out to Vintage King for help in outfitting a new state-of-the-art recording facility. We caught up with Michael Stucker and talked to him about working with Vintage King's Chris Bolitho to bring an Avid S6 control surface and ATC monitors to the studio space. Continue reading

  • Anthony Gallo Makes The Move To A Neve 8026 Console

    After moving to New York for a studio internship 15 years ago, Anthony “Rocky” Gallo began amassing engineering and production credits from an incredible list of artists including John Legend, Common, Carly Simon and Jon Bon Jovi. Throughout this major push in his career, Gallo began building out his own space, Virtue and Vice Studios, with a wide range of gear including a Neve console that he purchased from Vintage King. Continue reading

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