Universal Audio has been busy building its UAFX lineup with choice amp simulations and thoughtful combinations of classic effects. The brand's initial nine releases have used the same two-footswitch enclosure,  but now they are back with four new pedals that break that mold.  Meet the Orion Tape Echo, Heavenly Plate Reverb, 1176 Studio Compressor, and Evermore Studio Reverb.

This expansion to the UAFX lineup finds Universal Audio delving into the classic stompbox-size format. Each pedal features stunning emulations of vintage gear with a three-way switch and five control knobs for opening up a whole new world of unique sounds. We'll talk a little bit more about the specifics of each pedal below, but before we do...

Vintage King's Dustin McLaughlin recently got hands-on with the Orion Tape Echo, Heavenly Plate Reverb, 1176 Studio Compressor, and Evermore Studio Reverb. Watch our new Quick Hits video below to hear these four pedals in use on a number of sources, including electric guitar, bass, Moog Matriarch, Subharmonicon, and DFAM

Universal Audio UAFX Orion Tape Echo

The UAFX Orion Tape Echo condenses the Maestro EP-III emulation of the Starlight Echo Station into a stompbox. This pedal offers a trio of tape character options—Mint, Worn, and Old—accessible through a three-way switch. More traditional tape echo fans will be pleased to know that the EP-III's preamp can come into play via a switch on the top of the pedal. For those who really want to push their sounds out there, you can use the Wonk control to create odd splices and get modulated repeats.

Universal Audio UAFX Heavenly Plate Reverb

Guitarists and synth enthusiasts will be delighted to learn that Universal Audio has also brought its plate reverb emulation from the Golden Reverberator to this form factor. Drawing inspiration from the EMT 140, the Heavenly Plate Reverb introduces a trio of tonal selections—Vintage Bright, Vintage Dark, and Modern Full—courtesy of a three-way switch. The pedal provides a versatile toolkit for refining your reverb sound, including five knob selections; Decay, Predelay, EQ, Mod, and Mix. There are also two top-mounted switches for adjusting Mod Rate (Slow/Fast) and Bypass (Trails/True).

Universal Audio UAFX 1176 Studio Compressor

The 1176, renowned as one of the most legendary pieces of studio equipment ever created, has been skillfully reimagined in a compact pedal form by the very designers and builders who understand it best. Retaining the classic controls—Input, Output, Attack, Release, and Ratio—this compressor pedal stays faithful to its iconic namesake. Notably, the Ratio knob even offers an "all buttons in" option, producing some much sought-after gritty sounds. And for those aiming to layer compressors, UA accommodates you with a three-way switch that toggles between Single, Dual, and Sustain modes.

Universal Audio UAFX Evermore Studio Reverb

Completing this exciting new wave of UAFX pedals, the Evermore introduces yet another captivating reverb offering. Universal Audio is returning to the Golden Reverberator, but this time is opting to utilize the pedal's plate reverb emulation. The Evermore's three-way switch allows you to choose between room, Small Hall, and Large Hall sounds, and you can dial it in with Treble, Mid, Bass, Mod, and Mix controls. This pedal also features two switches on top of the enclosure, one for Mod Rate (Slow / Fast) and one for Bypass (Trails / True).