In 2021, Soyuz Microphones introduced a limited edition 017 Series mic with an exclusive “Brass Black” finish. The following year, the brand gave the popular SU-023 Bomblet mic the same treatment. This summer, Soyuz is giving engineers the chance to get their hands on these coveted microphones once again with a fresh batch of limited-edition Brass Black mics.

The new collection includes the 017 TUBE, 017 FET, and 023 Deluxe Brass Black models, which feature all-brass bodies and a timeless, one-of-a-kind finish. Crafted with precision and finesse, these exquisite microphones are a celebration of both classic design and cutting-edge technology.

The Allure of Brass Black Finishing

The Brass Black finishing process is an art form in itself. Each microphone is meticulously crafted with an all-brass body, a material known for its resonant properties, which lend a unique character to the sound captured. To preserve the vintage appeal while adding a contemporary twist, the mics undergo bluing—a traditional method of treating metal to achieve a deep, lustrous black hue. This time-honored technique not only ensures an elegant appearance but also enhances durability, making the microphones true masterpieces built to withstand the test of time.

Soyuz 017 Series Brass Black

Often described as larger than life, 017 Series mics capture the classic sound previously associated with expensive vintage microphones. Available in both TUBE and FET models, Soyuz 017 Series mics are known for their open top-end, warm midrange, and balanced low-end. 

Both microphones feature a large custom capsule and a proprietary toroidal transformer that adds color and depth to the sound. However, there are subtle differences in sound signature. The FET model has a faster, tighter response, while the TUBE model offers a smoother, warmer top-end with a touch more coloration.

A favorite of pros like Nigel Godrich, Ryan Hewitt, and Sylvia Massy, 017 Series mics have become a popular choice among engineers for their combination of accuracy and pleasing sound characteristics.

Soyuz 023 Deluxe Brass Black

Renowned for its rich low-end, pronounced mid-range, and velvety top-end, Soyuz 023 Series mics are equipped with the same custom capsule design and proprietary toroidal transformers featured in the flagship 017 Series mics.

A unique blend of color and clarity makes the 023 ideal for a variety of applications, including drums and amplifiers. Its forgiving top-end and smooth midrange complement bright instruments and vocals without sacrificing detail or transients. The proprietary transformer adds thickness and character, enhancing and complementing sources that require accuracy, such as cello, upright bass, bass clarinet, and trombone.

With a limited supply of each mic available, the 2023 Limited Edition Soyuz Brass Black mics are sure to be in high demand. Don’t miss your chance to add these limited-edition mics to your locker!

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