Since their introduction in 2010, Focusrite’s Scarlett audio interfaces have changed the game for home recordists, offering some of the cleanest preamps and highest-quality converters available in a consumer-level interface. Over the years, Focusrite has continued to make improvements with each successive generation of Scarletts, garnering six million users worldwide.

Now, Focusrite is revamping the Scarlett range once again with three new and improved models: the fourth-generation Scarlett 4i4 ($349.99), 2i2 ($249.99), and Solo ($179.99). All three feature improved low-noise preamps, high-impedance headphone amps, and a refreshed aesthetic, along with handy new features like Auto Gain and Clip Safe that take the guesswork out of setting levels.

For beginning recordists and streamers, Focusrite is also offering two high-value starter bundles: the Scarlett 2i2 Studio ($379.99) and the Scarlett Solo Studio ($319.99). Each bundle includes a Focusrite CM25 MkIII condenser microphone, SH 450 headphones, and an XLR cable—all the hardware you need to start recording or streaming right away. Combine that with a huge software bundle included with all Scarlett 4th Gen interfaces, and you’ve got an entire home studio for less than most professional interfaces cost these days. 

If that piques your interest, take a look at everything the new Scarlett 4th Gen interfaces have to offer.

New And Improved

The latest Scarlett interfaces feature several improvements over the previous generation. Right away, you’ll notice the refreshed and streamlined front panel, which is sleeker and simpler than ever without sacrificing any functionality. The knobs are well-spaced for easy adjustment, and the multicolor-illuminated Dynamic Gain Halos offer an intuitive way to monitor your input and output levels at a glance.

But more importantly, you can hear the difference. Focusrite’s latest ultra low-noise Scarlett mic preamps offer clearer and more detailed sound than ever, with a generous 69 dB of gain to amplify even the softest vocals and instruments. An improved headphone amp with greater dynamic range drives high-impedance headphones louder and clearer than ever.

The 4th Gen 4i4 and 2i2 offer two new features never before offered in the Scarlett line: Auto Gain and Clip Safe. First introduced in Focusrite’s Vocaster interfaces, Auto Gain intelligently sets the perfect gain level based on your playing, singing, or talking, saving you time fussing around with knobs. Clip Safe is a brand-new feature that monitors your levels and adjusts them in the nick of time if it senses that you're about to clip. 

On the software side, Focusrite Control 2 features a number of improvements as well, giving you a simple and flexible way to manage recording, monitoring, and playback settings right from your desktop.

Three Models To Choose From

Between the 4i4, 2i2, and Solo, the fourth-generation Scarlett line has the perfect fit for any small studio or on-the-go recording setup. All three models feature the same studio-quality preamps, converters, and headphone amps, so whichever one you choose, you won’t take a hit to sound quality. Each interface also includes Focusrite’s signature “Air” button, which adds top-end presence and harmonics reminiscent of analog console preamps, as well as the handy Loopback function, which makes it easy to record or stream audio from your browser, apps, and games. The main differences between the three are the I/O and a few other select features.

Scarlett 4i4 4th Gen

The largest and most flexible interface of the bunch, the Scarlett 4i4 features two front-facing mic/line/instrument combo inputs plus two extra line inputs on the back for recording line-level instruments or connecting external preamps. Four TRS line outputs allow you to hook up two sets of monitors or connect outboard gear for processing. The 4i4 even includes MIDI In and Out ports for connecting controllers and synths.

Scarlett 2i2 4th Gen

The Scarlett 2i2 is equipped with two inputs and two outputs—just enough to record guitar and vocals, DI and amp signals, or stereo mic setups. Instead of combo jacks, the XLR inputs are on the rear, while the TRS inputs are on the front. Despite the reduced I/O, you still get all the other features of the 4i4, including Air, Auto Gain, and Clip Safe.

Scarlett Solo 4th Gen

The Scarlett Solo is the most streamlined of the three, but it doesn’t sacrifice any of the quality. With just a single mic/line input, the Solo is perfect for vocalists, streamers, voiceover artists, or anyone else who only uses one mic at a time. Due to its size and price point, the Solo does not include the Auto Gain and Clip Safe features, but it does include the Air button; a nice bonus that sets it apart from other compact interfaces. A single USB-C port provides power and data, making it easy to set up.

Everything Else You Need

For those just getting started with recording or streaming, Focusrite is offering two high-value bundles: the Scarlett 2i2 Studio and Solo Studio. Both bundles include the Focusrite CM25 MkIII condenser microphone, SH 450 headphones, and a three-meter (9.8-foot) XLR cable so you can start recording or streaming with studio-quality sound right out of the box.

Additionally, all 4th Gen Scarlett interfaces come with a plethora of software, plugins, and other tools to up your production value. If you don’t already have a DAW of choice, take your pick of Ableton Live Lite or a three-month trial of Pro Tools Artist (both included). If you’re new to mixing and mastering and need a little help, AI-powered tools like FAST Balancer and Landr Studio will give you a great starting point for professional-sounding tracks. A three-month Splice Sounds membership gives you access to millions of royalty-free samples, loops, and presets.

Even for experienced music-makers, there’s a lot to get excited about. Take your mixes to the next level with the bx_console Focusrite SC channel strip and Relab LX480 reverb. Expand your sonic palette with Native Instruments’ MASSIVE synthesizer and XLN Audio’s Addictive Keys and Addictive Drums 2. Tighten up vocals with Antares Auto-tune Access or crank up guitar tracks with the Softube Marshall Jubilee 2555 virtual amp. There’s something here for everyone.

Blake BergmanIf you have any questions about the Focusrite Scarlett 4th Gen interfaces or would like to purchase any for your studio, please contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.644.0160.