Strymon has long been revered for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration. With an expansive lineup of versatile pedals, Strymon stompboxes have become a staple for not only guitarists but also mix engineers and musicians of all kinds.

The recent release of the Cloudburst pedal, based on the revered BigSky reverb, showcased Strymon's ability to distill the essence of a legendary effect into a compact form. Now, they’ve done it once again with the Brig dBucket delay.

At its core, the Strymon Brig is a testament to the iconic Brigadier delay pedal. Much more than a mere clone, Brig combines three of Brigadier’s classic delay voices with a host of highly requested features, including a new artifact-free tap tempo mode, advanced modulation controls, Strymon’s discrete JFET input circuit, and more. Continue reading to delve into the intricacies of the Strymon Brig delay pedal.

Strymon Brig Delay Pedal

The Strymon Brig dBucket delay pedal encapsulates all the warmth, subtle grit, and unique tactile playing experience of analog bucket brigade delays (BBDs) in a versatile, easy-to-use stereo pedal. 

With three meticulously crafted delay voicings, the Brig pedal offers a diverse palette of sonic textures, allowing you to explore a wide range of musical genres and creative possibilities. Let's explore the three distinctive delay voicings that define the versatility of the Brig pedal:

The 3205 Voice: With its gritty repeats and dynamic morphing capabilities, the 3205 voice offers a wide range of tonal possibilities. From lush slapback echoes to captivating psychedelic sci-fi effects, this voice adds an edge of rawness and character to your sound.

The 3005 Voice: Drawing inspiration from the dual MN3005 BBD chip circuit, the 3005 voice extends the delay times, allowing for longer repeats. It imparts a warm, dreamlike quality to your sound.

The Multi Voice: Featuring two cross-coupled, super-clean dBucket delay lines, the Multi voice creates intricate soundscapes and a spacious stereo field. Its golden ratio timing ensures that the resulting sound remains musical and pristine, even when pushed to the brink of self-oscillation.

Don't let its compact form fool you—the Brig is deceptively powerful. Alongside its three truly distinct delay voices, it boasts a number of versatile features for dialing in a wide range of tones suitable for any style.

Tap Tempo

Unlike traditional analog delays, which suffer from pitch shifting, clicks, and other problems, tapping in tempos with the Brig is a seamless experience. Don’t worry, you can still dial in all of the pitch-shifting and delay character-modifying effects associated with bucket brigades using the Time knob. But Brig’s tap tempo utilizes modern technology to smoothly transition to new delay values without interrupting your playing.

Modulation Controls

In addition to three unique delay voices, Brig offers a variety of easy-to-use controls to further sculpt your sound. Brig's modulation is individually voiced for each of its three delay types, giving you three unique sounds to work with.

Feedback Controls

True to its bucket brigade heritage, the Brig accurately reproduces the distinctive and sought-after feedback effects that characterized classic analog delays. With responsive controls and Strymon's remarkable dBucket sound engine, the Brig is perfect for experimenting with new sounds. Plus, each of the Brig's three delay voicings possesses its own distinct feedback characteristics, allowing you to tailor the response to each sound.

Noise Controls

Noise is an intrinsic part of the bucket brigade analog delay's sonic signature, and contributes to the Brig's charm. The filter knob makes it easy to dial in the perfect amount of noise to suit your preferences.

Advanced MIDI Connectivity

Perhaps the biggest difference between the Brig and the original Brigadier is the addition of MIDI, offering remote control over virtually every switch, knob, and setting. Seamlessly send MIDI commands from your controller or DAW through the Brig's EXP/MIDI jack or USB-C connection. Plus, the Brig provides a generous 300 MIDI preset locations, allowing you to effortlessly load and save your favorite settings.